TAPfluencer spotlight: Ley Almeda’s journey from being a single parent to finding love again

TAPfluencer spotlight: Ley Almeda’s journey from being a single parent to finding love again

How can your triumphs and failures in life be put into good use, and help heal other's wound? Fortunately, that's what Ley Almeda about to share to us in this article.

Another living proof that life has many things and experiences yet to offer to each and everyone of us, if only we keep the patience to wait and trust in the process; that’s our Ley Almeda.

Now an entrepreneur with her events management company, Ley Almeda considered herself as more of an event planner than that of her former profession in the marketing and sales industry. Living 35 years of her life, she’s a happy mother at present with her 3-year marriage with her husband and with three kids—10-year-old, 3-year-old, and 1-year-old.

Through her blog, www.leyalmeda.com, she can share her experiences, whether the triumph or the challenging one and be an inspiration to its readers. These readers consist of people from all walks of life, but more often of single parents and mothers. This confirms what her blog is all about; “solo parenting, motherhood in general,” being a wife after a failed relationship, travel, homeschooling, mommy sanity saver products, and hacks, and her relationship with Jesus.

Ley Almeda into the world of blogging: The content, the purpose, and the readers

“I was really into writing when I was in elementary. I started writing very early,” said Ley.

She was part of a school paper throughout elementary to college. Until 2002, while still in college, she started with blogging.

Ley used to write at Blogspot “because that was free at that time,” according to her.

“Then, when I was pregnant, 2008 to 2009. That’ s why siguro I wasn’t sad at all because that’s my outlet. I wrote everything. I poured my heart out of it,” Ley continued.

As she started with blogging, it seemed just as an electronic diary for her, without knowing this would gather her appreciations from here and there, be it from friends and relatives or random people from various corners of the Internet. In fact, some were suggesting her to monetize from it however, Ley admittedly began as not techie enough to fix her no-design-at-all-pure-text-only website then.

“It never really occured to me to do it like a full-time profession. Even up until now, I don’t claim it as a profession. It’s really like my passion lang,” Ley shared.

Asked about the initial response of readers to her blog, she said she is continuously having surprises to gather readers from the States who are single parents, in addition to her followers from here in the country. She told that she knew it earlier that her future would be filled of hopes and inspirations for others.

Her exact words: “After some time, when I became a single mom, I know in the future, what I was going through at that time—I was broken and wounded; I know in the future I could use that to heal others. So, most of my entries are letters to my son or letters to other moms.”

The blog that’s traditional and conservative

“I want to keep my blog traditional and conservative,” Ley told us.

She refrains from discussions about politics; believing that topics like that entail infinite arguments between two opposing sides and opinions of yours and mine.

She has not tackled about sex as well but is open to slowly introducing the idea of it.

“Siguro I share like what I go through lang talaga,” according to her.

Merely the blog reflects each of the stages in her life as a mom, with off-limits going over marital problems. One thing is to not cause unwanted arguments and comparisons among readers’ different experiences. While on the other hand, she models and advocates using social media responsibly. Talking about marital problems anywhere on the Internet is not a thing she’d share publicly.

“So, what else; I always post about relationship with Jesus,” said Ley as she avowed to her Catholic faith.

Ley promotes at her blog that religion should not divide people, and that faith should always unite everyone.

Ley Almeda onto the blog that helps heal other’s wounds

Ley Almeda has always been thankful to her followers for their continuous support of her blog. While it can be looked as a reciprocated love from her readers who are as equally thankful as she is.

Ley shared one of the most unforgettable encounters she had with a reader, “kasi talagang umabot kami sa point na mini-meet ko siya, sinasamahan ko siya gabi-gabi.” This reader was

This one was pregnant at that time and wanted to abort her child. Later on, as several years passed with the challenges overcome, it got her invited to its wedding, recognizing her to be a big part of this new wonderful chapter.

Likewise, there is another story of two other moms who wanted to get rid of their babies in their lives. Until Ley posted in her social  media about the “TOTGA post,” of which she outspokenly does not believe in entirely.

“Single moms would always comment na sana ako din. The meaning of TOTGA for me is ‘the one that God allowed.’ So 'yun, from time to time, kapag sa ano, may nagse-search na single mom, iyon 'yung laging nagpo-pop up.”

TOTGA, which means “the one that got away,” is often spoken by people, whether in a relationship or single status, with regret of not being with ‘someone from the past;’ feeling that this ‘someone’ may have truly been ‘the one’ for them unknowingly better.

Lastly, Ley shared about this follower who left an abusive relationship and kept the child because it realized from one of her posts that “your child will never feel unwanted just because of an incomplete family.”

“You fill in the love tank na kulang, and surround with support groups, and with family, friends. Like ako, I wrote this when I was single, ha, single mom. Na parang hidni ko naman iniisp na mag-aasawa ako in the future. Because I know for life, I have a lifetime partner with God, and with my dad, with my relatives around me. I know my kid will never feel unwanted,” she continued.

Her infinite passion for writing and inspiring other people’s lives

While maybe she’s one of the most acknowledged mom influencers to these days, Ley keeps her feet on the ground and feels more comfortable by being referred to as a blogger, “or I write” as she said.

As regards to the blog achievements and awards, she simply put it: “For me kasi, it’s a bonus if the people will reward you for it. But parang it’s not in my vision or goal, or I don’t see it in my purpose. As long as I’m reaching out to my target, or I’m helping and encouraging moms, I’m fine. No need for rewards.”

Speaking of inspiration and encouragement towards every mom out there, Ley herself disclosed to TAP that this September, she will be facilitating a group of single moms which has been a longtime dream for her.

“I just don’t know how and when to start, or how to do it. So, I asked Maricel to help me, TPE to help me,” as Ley quickly acknowledged Maricel Cua from The Parenting Emporium (TPE). Thus, the group will going to have its first run this month of September.

Source: Based on the interview with Ms. Ley Reinares Almeda herself were the content of this article.

Photo: https://www.leyalmeda.com/

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