Should living together before marriage still be a 'controversial issue'?

Should living together before marriage still be a 'controversial issue'?

Nadine Lustre came under scrutiny when, addressing rumors that she was 'living in' with beau James Reid, she seemed in favor of common law marriage. Should this still even be an issue? Here's what netizens had to say.

After actress Nadine Lustre brushed off rumors that she and boyfriend James Reid were allegedly living together, it divided netizens on their views of common law marriage.

“I mean, if that was true, so what? Hindi ba? It’s not new anymore,” the 23-year-old actress and singer told ABS-CBN News, adding that there are couples younger than her and James that are already living together. “It’s normal na eh. Come on, guys, it’s 2017! I’m not (going to) confirm, and I’m not (going to) deny. But then, like, ano naman? Let’s just be open minded.”

Nadine Lustre and James Reid confirmed their relationship in February 2016, after years of being paired together onscreen and gaining a massive following.

Should living together before marriage still be a 'controversial issue'?

photo: Nadine Lustre Instagram

Is Nadine a ‘bad role model’ to young girls?

Naturally, some netizens expressed their dismay, criticizing Nadine for not being a good role model, as most of her fans are young girls.

“I’m quite disappointed with her the way she responded to this issue. I like her but I noticed the drastic change in her since she became really famous,” wrote Facebook user Dainty A., who believes living together before marriage isn’t normal. “Just because she knows her fans will always defend her whatever she does, doesn’t mean she had to take advantage of it. The Jadine that most young fans are looking up to. I mean just because it’s (trendy) doesn’t mean it’s right.”

More agreed that cohabitation isn’t a good idea just because it’s trendy.

“Ms. Lustre may be right in her observation that there are many unmarried couples who are already living under one roof and that some of them are even younger than she is. But since when did something become right just because many are already doing it?” echoed netizen Camille G. “It’s 2017 and by now we already have decades’ worth of studies proving time and again that cohabitation is not a recipe for happiness. It’s already 2017, so by now we should know better.”

Nadine’s interview also inspired an article on, which cited research and data to support how living together before marriage has been proven to spell disaster for couples.

Should living together before marriage still be a 'controversial issue'?

photo: Nadine Lustre instagram

Should living together before marriage an issue when you’re truly committed?

There are those who sided with Nadine, saying that there is nothing wrong with living together before settling down.

“There’s so much love to give, and these two are sharing a home because it’s probably one way of showing their love to each other and here you are hating on them, telling them they’re wrong,” wrote Facebook user Kate A.

“I had the same reaction as Nadine about these rumors about them. So what? They’re at the right age already,” Facebook user Mina A. wrote. “I admire her boldness and honesty in this judgmental world. But then, that doesn’t mean that everybody should do the same. Although I don’t agree with her when she said ‘it’s normal.’ But I know Nadine did mean something else she just didn’t have the right words to say that time because she’s already tired about the topic and just (wanted to) get it over with already.”

What do you think about this issue, moms and dads? Are you in favor of living together before marriage? Let us know in the comments below!

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