LOOK: How celebrity families marked Father’s Day 2017!

LOOK: How celebrity families marked Father’s Day 2017!

Check out how some of your favorite celebrities greeted and celebrated their daddies and hubbies during Father's Day weekend 2017!

Vicki Belo

Vicki Belo paid tribute to her bunso Scarlet's hands-on daddy Hayden.

"To the man who always protected our hearts, who stayed true to their promise of being our heroes, and who'll always treat us with the love we certainly deserve, Happy Father's Day!" she wrote alongside a cute instagram clip. "Thank you for loving us to the moon and back. Enjoy your special day, wonderful dads!"

KC Concepcion

"Papa chose Indian cuisine for Father's Day," she wrote alongside a photo with dad, Gabby Concepcion. "You never know what to expect from this father of mine! Always thoughtful, generous with work, love & life advice, and spontaneous just like his calls, beach trips & kwentos. Happy Father's Day poppy, I love you!"

Of course, she didn't miss out on paying tribute to her stepdad, Senator Francis 'Kiko' Pangilinan, who's been caring for her, too, since she was in her teens.

"Father's Day wouldn't be complete without you," she wrote in another post, tagging Pangilinan. "Thank you dad for the years of imparting knowledge, discipline, mindfulness & teaching us that what you invest your energy in will grow. I finally get it. Enjoy your day out in LA! Wish I could be with all you (all). I love you!"

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Matteo Gudicelli

Actor/athlete Matteo Gudicelli has always had a close relationship with his Italian dad Gianluca. "Happy happy Father's Day papa!," he wrote on Sunday, alongside a fun family photo. "Thank you for all the love and support. And for always pushing us to become the best versions of ourselves."

Iñigo Pascual

The 19-year-old has always been affectionate toward his dad, actor Piolo Pascual.

"Happy Fathers Day, my Role Model," he wrote in the caption of a throwback photo. "Thank you for everything you've taught me. Some things never change, it just gets better and better over time. Love you pa!"

Kim Chiu

"Happy Father's Day father dear!" the 26 year old actress wrote on instagram, who only recently reunited and reconnected with her Cebu-based dad. "We may not have the perfect relationship as father and daughter but if given a chance in my next life I still want you to be my papa! Thank you for everything, thank you for believing in me and letting me grow and learn things on my own... lab you paps! see you next week!"

Marian Rivera

Celebrity mom Marian Rivera kept it short but sweet. "Para sa aking Kabiyak. Happy Father's day! Mahal na mahal ka namin ni Z," she wrote in the caption of an adorable photo of Dingdong holding baby Zia during her baptism.

Marian also took time to show her dad some love, posting a photo with him and his apo Zia, writing in Spanish. "Feliz día del Padre Papa... te amo (Happy father's day, papa. I love you)"

Bianca Gonzalez

Host/writer Bianca Gonzalez also took to instagram to show some love to her hubby, PBA player JC Intal. "To the rock of our family and the best dad ever, thank you for everything," she wrote with a photo of them on a pristine beach. In an earlier post, she snapped a photo of her husband's fave beer and adorably dedicated it to him.

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Anne Curtis

"Happy Father's Day to our gentle giant!," wrote the 31-year-old actress, whose dad James is based in Australia. "Father's Day may not be till September in oz but hey, at least you get to have two! Miss and love you so so much! - your darling dorta, Anne"

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Julia Montes

After reuniting with her German dad, Martin, last December 2016, the 22-year-old actress marked their first Father's day together with an emotional post.

"After how many years... first hug, naramdaman ko na totoo na nga ang lahat nameet ko na sya," she wrote. "I'm just proud to say he is my Dad. Nalaman ko kung gaano sya ka responsible. Nakita ko kung gaano sya ka hands on sa mga kapatid ko, gaano ka strict, but loving Dad sa kanila. Hindi ko man (yon) naramdaman, I'm just proud to say that I'm his Princess and he's my KING."

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Ruffa Gutierrez

The single mom-of-two shared a precious photo with her dad, veteran actor Eddie Gutierrez, writing:

"Dad, thank you for teaching me how to be strong, to never stop believing in my dreams, for always taking my side when mom would fight me. I wouldn’t be where I am today without your love and support! Happy Father's Day Daddy! I'll always be your princess. I love you!!! From your one and only daughter, Ruffie xoxo."

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Pauleen Luna Sotto

The soon-to-be mom showed some love to her hubby on Instagram. "Happy Father's Day to the soon-to-be father of five!" she wrote. "I know and see how much you love your children that's why I am so excited for our little one to come! Grateful for your life, always!"

Solenn Heusaff

The versatile actress/singer/model/painter certainly inherited her work ethic from her French dad, Louis Paul, who has been the CEO of the leading logistics and manpower provider for the oil, gas and related industries in the Philippines.

"Happy father's days to the best dad ever and most hard working," she wrote in the caption of a throwback photo with her dad and siblings, Erwan and Vanessa. "Time for you to really enjoy your life! We loooove you."

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Andi Eigenmann

Single mom Andi Eigenmann, who was truly a 'daddy's girl,' did not let the day pass without showing her love for late dad, veteran actor Mark Gil:

"Remembering you is easy. Missing you is the heartache that never goes away."

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Tuesday Vargas

The comedic actress and mom also took time to remember her late, stay-at-home dad through a heartfelt tribute.

"Everyone calls you Jun. You are the life of the party in every family gathering. You taught me how to sing, how to play the guitar and the piano, how to cook, and most of all , you taught me the value of family. Everyday you wake up before dawn to help me get ready for school. You braid my hair, press my uniform and you place me at that make shift seat on your mountain bike as we pedal our way to class," she recalled fondly.

"You were our stay at home dad for so many years Pa. Back then, I did not fully understand why that is so. Until I also became a parent," she continued. "I only got to share Kaya with you for 5 months because you were taken away so soon from us but every time I look at my son, I see his Lolo. I miss you every day. I am like a female you, only hopefully much stronger and better because you raised me well. I love you Papa. Happy father's day from all of us."

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