Why you should look forward to the proposed national smoking ban

Why you should look forward to the proposed national smoking ban

Health experts share their opinions on why the National Smoking Ban is a step forward when it comes to family health in the country.

The smoking ban will provide the health and opportunity that we deserve

President Rodrigo Duterte's recent announcement regarding a proposed national smoking ban has made a lot of health experts happy.

Philippine Ambulatory Pediatric Association Inc. President Edilberto Garcia Jr., shares "Doctors and the people agree—only 100 percent smoke-free indoor public places provide the health and opportunity we deserve, whether we are workers, visitors or customers. By signing a 100 percent smoke-free policy, the Philippines will join the list of visionary leaders that are changing the course of the tobacco epidemic in the world."

“This will mean prioritizing the health of the Filipino people, and not the profits of the tobacco corporations,” he adds.

85% of tobacco smoke is invisible and odorless

According to the latest Global Adult Tobacco survey, 55% of Filipinos get exposed to secondhand smoke in public transportation, 33% in restaurants, and 77% in place with no anti-smoking policy in place.

Garcia adds, "We call it the invisible killer, because the harm isn't just in the smoke you can see—nearly 85 percent of tobacco smoke is invisible and odourless, but causes just as much harm."

It's very important to enact a comprehensive law that will effectively ban public smoking, whether or not they're outside or if they're inside a building since in most cases, the ventilation systems that are used inside the smoking areas usually don't work, or if they did work, they're not quite effective.

It will benefit everyone

He adds, "Comprehensive smoke-free laws aren't just good for health, as we saw in Davao and have seen across the world. 100 percent smoking bans do not harm business. When well enforced, they drive healthy and thriving workplaces, restaurants and bars, and are hugely popular with the public—most of whom don't smoke."

He's also hopeful that aside from having public spaces that families can enjoy without worrying about secondhand smoke, fewer infant and children will be diagnosed with conditions that are related to inhaling secondhand smoke.

And at the end of the day, our family's health really is what matters most.

Source: gmanetwork.com

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