Look: A mother’s love for her child, caught in an MRI scan

Look: A mother’s love for her child, caught in an MRI scan

Read on to find out the touching story behind this amazing photo!

MRI scans are usually used to capture images of the human body that helps diagnose and treat a person's illness. But in this case, a mother's love for her child was capture by an MRI scan.

She loved watching her son's development

After Neuroscientist Rebecca Sax gave birth to her first child, she fell in love with the idea of watching her child's brain develop. She spent countless hours in an MRI scanner with her son, observing how his brain was growing along with his body. (Note: MRI scanners don't produce any radiation, and they are perfectly safe for children)

Eventually, her fascination with seeing her child's growth and development led into the idea of taking an MRI scan of her and her baby together.

It wasn't easy taking the image

According to Rebecca, taking the image was difficult, since the scanner she used was made for taking MRI scans of a single person. It took numerous modifications as well as months of working with medical technicians before the scanner was modified to take a scan of her and her baby.

And on April 2015, after giving birth to her 2nd baby, she was finally able to take the amazing image.

She shares, "It’s very, very hard to make. You have to hold still for a few minutes to get the picture. Try to convince a little baby to lie [still]."

MRI machines are also noisy, so to help keep her child from moving around too much or being scared of the noise, her baby had to wear pads over his ears. She in turn had to wear earplugs herself.

After a couple of hours and 25 attempts, they finally got the scan that the wanted.

"I thought they were beautiful. I couldn’t take my eyes off them," Rebecca shares.

Source: today.com

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