Lucy Torres Gomez shares love advice for 16-year-old daughter Juliana

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Lucy Torres Gomez has been happily married to husband Richard Gomez for 18 years and she wants her teenage daughter to find the same kind of love one day

Just like many moms with teenage daughters, Lucy Torres Gomez faces the challenge of having to "balance being a mother and a friend."

In a recent interview with entertainment website PEP, the model and congresswoman shared this was indeed a struggle, but she clarified that having a "good, easy child" makes this challenge less difficult.

She calls her only daughter Juliana, who is turning 17 this year, her "forever happy pill" while Juliana considers her mom her best friend.

While Juliana isn't allowed to entertain suitors just yet, Lucy has accepted that it will happen one day.

"She's too young. I know that time will eventually come, but not yet," she replied. "She's only 16."

As for what piece of love advice she would often give Juliana, she would encourage her to find true love through faith, at the right time. "I always tell her to pray for the right man," shared Lucy.

"I always tell her to pray for the right man."

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"Although for the first few months I was this breastfeeding, sleepless, and tired mommy, it was the happiest kind of tired..."

The stunning mom and daughter are undoubtedly close. And Lucy often gets sentimental on Instagram, marveling at how fast her unica hija is growing up.

In one post, she recounted how she was Juliana's "playmate on-call" at age 4.

And how her sweet little girl would say unforgettable things like: "Mama, I wish we met already when you were little!"

For Juliana's 16th birthday, Lucy shared a sweet photo taken on one of their many travels, recalling her first few months of motherhood.

"Each night, you would want me to carry you forever and ever," wrote the 42-year-old mom. "Although for the first few months I was this breastfeeding, sleepless, and tired mommy, it was the happiest kind of tired, and you would reward me daily anyway with a thousand little smiles, all of them imprinted in that part of my memories that is tender, and sweet."

She went on to share how she would stare at Juliana as she slept, as her "heart filled to overflowing with that pure kind of love every mother feels for her child."

Happy birthday best friend?I love you!

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