Magical Field of Lights snakebite incident, confirmed by Nuvali

Magical Field of Lights snakebite incident, confirmed by Nuvali

A woman was reportedly bitten by a snake while enjoying the popular outdoor lights and sounds show in Sta. Rosa, Laguna. Details, below.

Representatives of Ayala’s burgeoning eco-community, Nuvali, have released a statement, denying earlier claims that a woman had died in a Magical Field of Lights snake bite incident.

The reportedly inaccurate news first spread through a viral Facebook post.

According to Nuvali’s General Manager John Estacio, the incident was an isolated one.

“The snake was NOT venomous,” Estacio clarified in a statement to ABS-CBN news. “The girl was treated on site, taken to RITM for observation and released the next day.”

He also emphasized that she was never in any danger, but was brought to the  Research Institute for Tropical Medicine just as a safety precaution.

In response to the incident, about 20 Nuvali personnel are clearing out the areas where tall grass grows around the area, sweeping it to be sure nothing untoward like this happens again.

Snakebite first aid tips parents should know

Though snakebites are rare, especially if you live in the city, it does not hurt to be prepared.

All snakebites must be treated seriously, even if venomous or poisonous snakebites are rare. Not all poisonous snakes inject venom when they attack. It also helps to know that snakes can still strike or bite up to an hour after death, so it’s best to stay away from the snake even if you feel they are no longer a threat.

The signs and symptoms of snake bites are as follows:

  • two puncture wounds
  • swelling and redness of puncture wounds
  • pain where the snake bit
  • difficulty in breathing
  • nausea and vomiting
  • blurring vision
  • sweating
  • salivating
  • numbness of the face and limbs

What you should do if you or your child are bitten by a snake

  • First, remain calm and move away from the snake.
  • Make sure to loosen tight clothing and remove accessories or jewelry
  • Position yourself or your child in such a way that the bite is below the level of your heart.
  • Soak a clean cloth with water and gently clean the area (Do not flush it with water)
  • Cover it with a dry, clean cloth

What to avoid if you or your child are bitten by a snake

  • Avoid using a tourniquet
  • Avoid applying ice to the puncture wounds
  • DO NOT try to open the wound or squeeze out the venom
  • DO NOT drink alcohol or caffeine, it will just cause your body to absorb venom quicker
  • DO NOT attempt to capture or kill the snake. Just take note of its shape, color, and size so you can effectively help the medical team who will be treating you.

Above all, treat all snakebites the same way. All snakebites should warrant immediate medical attention because we can never be too sure that a seemingly harmless snake doesn’t possess a lethal amount of venom.

sources: ABS-CBN news, Healthline, National Geographic, Mayo Clinic

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