When is the best time to make love for maximum pleasure?

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Find out what time of day to have sex for maximum pleasure and mutual intimacy!

We’ve all been there; you and the hubby are both tired after a day of work and taking care of the kids. Nonetheless, he looked especially sexy today and he also told you how beautiful you were. You both thought you guys could get intimate tonight after the kids fell asleep.


Once your heads hit the pillow, you’re both out and when you open your eyes, it’s time to get the kids ready for school. Then you realize you both missed your chance for a wonderful night.

Right? Wrong.

Three o'clock is the best time to have sex

According to hormone experts, you can have a magical lovemaking session with your hubby—if you can get together at around 3:00 in the afternoon.

Why is 3:00pm the best hour for making love?

Women are their most alert, energetic, and motivated during this hour, meaning an invitation for lovemaking can be very well received. Our sensations are heightened as well, thanks to the high levels of the hormone cortisol coursing through our bodies.

Men, on the other hand, have higher amounts of estrogen, a hormone that makes more more sensitive and “emotionally present,” say experts.

But what if we’re at work?

Another sad reality is, yes, both you and your partner may be at work or neck-deep in taking care of the kids. So how are you going to make love during this magical hour?

You plan for the weekend, of course!

Maximize your time

Schedule a getaway for two over the weekend or leave the kids with the grandparents for some “afternoon delight".

For an even more effective and satisfying afternoon, experts say that women are more amorous and more open to doing the deed ten days after ovulation. This is because we experience a surge of both ddestrogen and testosterone at the same time.

Talk about a hormonal zing!

Consult your OB gynecologist to find out how to track your ovulation to get you and your hubby to that monthly sweet spot when sex is amazing.

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