Making sure your child has high EQ can set them up for success!

Making sure your child has high EQ can set them up for success!

While IQ is important when it comes to your child's ability to do well in school, did you know that having high EQ can do even more for them when it comes to their success in life?

Back in the day, IQ was heralded as the means to gauge a child's intelligence, and a measure of their future success. However, recent studies have shown that having high EQ can do much more when it comes to being successful in life.

High EQ is just as important as high IQ

Having high IQ has long been seen as a marker for future success. After all, a large number of people who have changed the world have high IQ.

That's why IQ was thought as the one thing that boosts a child's chance for success.

However, recent studies have found that IQ alone doesn't determine a child's ability to succeed. High EQ is seen as much more important than simply having high IQ.

In fact, according to a recent survey on moms across Southeast Asia commissioned by Mead Johnson Nutrition, a lot of moms nowadays don't consider high IQ as the sole factor that determines a child's future success.

The survey found that 88% of Filipino moms said that EQ was just as important, or sometimes even more important than IQ when it comes to success. This means that Filipino moms already know the value of high EQ.

Why is high EQ important?

A high EQ develops skills that are crucial to success. Problem-solving, critical thinking, creativity, and people management are all EQ-related traits.

You've probably noticed that most successful people are charismatic. That's just one manifestation of high EQ that shows just how important it is.

Kids who have high EQ are well-versed in the skills needed for success, and thus they have a better chance of being successful later in life compared to kids who have high IQ but low EQ.

Having high EQ also helps kids become more independent and encourages them to learn things on their own. Kids that have high EQ are more sociable and tend to have more friends and connections.

However, this doesn't mean that IQ should be disregarded. After all, IQ and EQ both go hand in hand when it comes to determining a child's success.

How can parents boost their child's EQ?

Here are some ways parents can help boost their child's EQ:

  1. Teach your child to be more sociable. Encourage them to talk to other people.
  2. Encourage skills like critical thinking and creativity.
  3. Focus on teaching your child to play with other children and to be more active.
  4. Exercise and family bonding can also help boost your child's EQ.
  5. Nutrition is just as important when it comes to EQ. Enfagrow A+ Four has MFGM and DHA which are designed to help boost a child's EQ and IQ.

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