5 Simple ways to use makeup to look younger!

5 Simple ways to use makeup to look younger!

How to use makeup to look younger? Let’s take a look at five essential makeup “hacks” that can help you hide your signs of aging.

We all age continuously day-after-day. There is no escape from the fact that we all have to grow old at some point in our lives. Unfortunately, even though many people want to think of age simply as a number, there is no denial that age comes with many changes to the human body.

One particular area that often causes distress in people who are growing older is the fact that they start to develop problems with their skin.

With the skin located on the face usually being the most concerning part of the body since people tend to pay a lot of attention to the physical appearance of their face when they would like to determine how they look to the outside world.

Facial wrinkles, crow’s feet, fine lines around the eyes and many other problems can develop on the face. Additionally, neck and chest wrinkles also seem to be a particular problem amongst many people who are growing older.

While treating these problems with facial cleansers and night serums can be effective in reducing the effects of aging on the skin, people can also turn toward certain makeup techniques for more instant results.

Let’s take a look at five essential makeup “hacks” that you can use to help you effectively hide your signs of ageing and look younger without having to wait months for a particular anti-ageing serum to become effective.

Start With A Moisturizer

Even though we are sharing some useful tips for reducing the appearance of aging through the utilisation of smart makeup “hacks,” we should point out that the most important part of your makeup routine should always be to start with a good moisturizer.

We cannot stress enough how important moisturizing your face before the application of makeup products is.

Apart from providing a layer of protection against potentially harmful effects of the makeup, Yu-Be explains that applying a moisturizer before makeup can also help to make your skin smoother; thus allowing makeup to be applied easier and reducing the chance of a “cakey” look.

Use A Good Concealer

For most women, a concealer is an absolute must before applying other types of makeup on their face, such as a bronzer. A concealer acts as a base for other makeup products and also helps to create a more even skin tone, as well as assists with smoothing out the skin’s surface.

Paula’s Choice Skincare recommends identifying what type of concealer works best for your particular needs and, of course, your skin type.

A cream-based concealer should be avoided if you have oily skin. A liquid concealer may not be the best choice if you have dry skin, as this may cause the dryness of your skin to stand out, especially if you opt for a matte finish.

5 Simple ways to use makeup to look younger!

Try BB Cream For A Multi-Purpose Solution

BB Creams are still quite new to the market, but since their initial launch, these creams have become very popular and are now used by millions of people around the world.

The goal of a BB cream is to provide the user with multiple features in one single product; thus reducing the need for utilizing multiple products to attend to the skin and to cover up imperfections.

BB Creams are also known as Beauty Balms and offers multiple functions in one single product. WebMD reports that most high-quality BB Creams include a sunscreen, a moisturizer, a primer, foundation and a concealer.

Some even provide a set of additional ingredients that act as a skin treatment to reduce the risk of developing acne, while also attending to the needs of the skin simultaneously.

Define And Then Attend To Your Weaknesses

Every person has their stronger points and their particular weaknesses when it comes to their facial features. One person may find that wrinkles are the most concerning part of their aging skin, while another may rather be faced with skin that is becoming loose and saggy.

Oprah.com recommends looking for particular features that are making you look older, such as uneven skin, loss of firmness, lower lip volume, drooping eyelids, darkness under the eyes and problems with the facial structure.

These “weaknesses” should then be the primary target in your makeup technique to help you look younger without going overboard.

Focus On Your Lashes

While anti-wrinkle creams can be used to reduce the visible signs of aging and makeup can instantly hide these particular problems that have developed in an instant, it is important to look at areas that we often tend to overlook.

The lashes are one particular area that many women tend to overlook when it comes to striving toward a younger look. Try using an eyelash curler to help give your lashes a kink and use a lengthening mascara to make your lashes look longer and fuller.


Aging can cause numerous effects on the well-being of the human body. For many people, the effects that aging has on their skin seems to be the most worrisome.

Age causes wrinkles, fine lines, dry skin and also the dreadful sagging skin, all of which can be quite disappointing due to the effects these problems may have on an affected person’s mental health, such as cause a decrease in self-worth and confidence.

In this post, we shared some useful hacks that you can use to help you hide those dreadful effects that ageing may be causing you to experience, including wrinkles, fine lines and more.

Source: yu-be.com, paulaschoice.com, webmd.com, oprah.com

Republished with permission from: theAsianParent Singapore

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