Maricar Reyes is ready to become a mom

Maricar Reyes is ready to become a mom

The doctor turned actress opens up about missing television, how she and husband Richard Poon became closer and how she is preparing for motherhood

The doctor turned actress and model seems to have taken a break from the spotlight after she tied the knot with singer Richard Poon.

So, it's natural for the press (and her fans) to wonder what she's up to.

Pep caught up with the stunning star and asked if she and her husband plan to start a family soon.

"Kaya ako nag-lie low ng konti kasi the doctor advised me to take rest so that I'd be healthy. Yun muna plano for now."

(I had to lie low a bit because the doctor advised me to take rest so that I'd be healthy. That's the plan for now.)


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She added that she really hopes to have a baby soon.

When asked if she or her husband had any gender preferences, she said, "Mas sanay ako sa boys kasi I grew up with two brothers."

But she also adds that for soon-to-be moms, gender isn't really the priority. At the end of the day, what matters is that the kid is healthy. They also haven't given much thought to how many kids they want to have.

In the same interview, she also revealed that she misses being on TV.

"Namimi-miss ko talaga. As in every time may guesting ako on TV, naalala ko yung paano yung life ko before with tapings, nakakapagod balikan pero may halo ding saya kasi I got to bond with the crew, with castmates, kasi the whole day magkasama kayo, eh."

(I really miss being on TV. As in every time I have a TV guesting, it reminds me of my life before when I had tapings. Though it was exhausting, I look back on it fondly because it gave me the opportunity to bond with the crew, with my castmates because we're together the whole day.)

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On easing back into her showbiz career with various TV guestings and teleseryes, Maricar says her husband Richard Poon has been very "open" and "understanding". Adding that he just doesn't want her to overexert herself or lose sleep.

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Despite the fact that she misses being busy with her showbiz career, Maricar is happy to have more free time because she and her husband have grown closer because they get to spend more time together. They begin to notice "minute details" about one another.

And though it's not always smooth sailing--she reveals how sometimes they annoy each other--Maricar takes comfort in the fact that it's all part of growing together and becoming more of a "team". This, she believes, will make them better prepared to raise kids together.

Maricar also admits pregnancy is "scary" because you're "growing a human" inside of you. But she's arming herself with knowledge by reading a lot of pregnancy and parenting-related books.

They tied the knot in 2013 and have since been blissfully enjoying the adventure that is married life.

Though being parents is something they're still hoping to experience, for now, they are savoring their time together, embracing every chapter of their story.

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