Mary Kay Ultra Stay™ Lacquer Kit: The ultimate power tool to show your #BeautyBehindTheMask

Mary Kay Ultra Stay™ Lacquer Kit: The ultimate power tool to show your #BeautyBehindTheMask

Keep your lips colored, conditioned, and moisturized even behind the mask!

Who would have thought that a tube of Mary Kay’s Ultra StayLacquer Kit could not only carry the confidence and empowerment we need at a time like this, but also lasts us a good eight-hour wear? This might be the very product that’s been missing in our make-up kit, and the best tool to showcase our #BeautyBehindTheMask!

Face masks have become an essential part of our new normal, but it doesn’t mean we have to skip out on our lip products.

“Our Ultra Stay™ Lacquer Kit is the ultimate must-have, especially during this time, because you won’t have to worry about staining your mask or re-applying in the middle of the day,” says Criscy Camacho, Marketing and Customer Service Director, Mary Kay Philippines Inc.

The Ultra Stay™ Lip Lacquer Kit includes a lacquer, sealer, and eraser. The lip lacquer itself comes in two pigment-rich shades—Cherry for that bright red pop of color, and Rose for a calm and muted pinkish tone—equipped with a flexible doe-foot wand that allows for a precise and expert application.

Mary Kay Ultra Stay

Layer your choice of shade with the Sealer to lock in the color with its lightweight and non-sticky formula, while keeping your lips smooth and hydrated. Its color-locking technology makes it anything and everything-proof, and only the specially formulated emollient-laced lip lacquer Eraser can gently and thoroughly remove the color.

Mary Kay Ultra Stay

Apart from its superlative staying power, the product—and like any other lipstick—gives us a jolt of confidence whenever we put it on. It is exactly what we need to get through this trying time, hence the #BeautyBehindTheMask campaign.

Mary Kay Ultra Stay™ Lacquer Kit: The ultimate power tool to show your #BeautyBehindTheMask

Mary Kay Ultra Stay™ Lacquer Kit: The ultimate power tool to show your #BeautyBehindTheMask

As a supporting initiative, the global cosmetics brand has reached out and donated lipsticks to medical workers to help them stay inspired, confident, and beautiful as they continue their battle at the front lines.

“A lipstick can help you power through the most adverse situations,” adds Criscy. “We wear it for ourselves—to feel empowered and be the best we can be. It doesn’t matter if other people don’t see it, as long as we feel it.”

#BeautyBehindTheMask just proves the power a lippie can hold and sometimes, one swipe is exactly what you need to keep going!

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