Me time for moms: Simple ways to luxuriously pamper yourself

Me time for moms: Simple ways to luxuriously pamper yourself

You don't have to break the bank to wind down and pamper yourself. Find out what moms over on ParentTown consider their favorite "me time" activities

Moms need all the rest they can get.

And each mom prefers to spend their alone time in different ways. Over on theAsianparent Community moms shared what their favorite me-time activities are.

A majority of over 100 respondents favor uninterrupted sleep and long baths as their best way to enjoy time for themselves.

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“I would say going online in social media and browsing through support groups,” wrote stay-at-home mom Mikaela S. “Connecting with my friends has been my stress reliever from the tiring mommy duties and it’s the only way I can take a peek through the outside world.”

Camwy S. shared she no longer has time for ‘me time’. “The only time I’m free is when I’m breastfeeding my baby and she falls to sleep already, I can then start browsing the internet using my phone,” she writes. “Other than that, I’m pre-occupied with my mom duties or my online business for the whole week until the weekend.”

Mom of two Michelle C. loves “going to the mall to shop!”

Me time for moms: Simple ways to luxuriously pamper yourself


“Trip to the salon! Just whole day. I feel like a new human being again,” jokes Jo-An L.

Alyssa F. I love getting my nails done! And maybe splurging with flavored fries and large Coke on my own. Like Share Reply

Christine R. loves gardening and do some simple crafts. “These are my breather when I am already exhausted with household chores and taking care of my two kids,” she writes. Similarly, mom-of-two Aashi M. likes to indulge her artistic side by sewing or painting.

Single mom Mary Y. who has one son shares, “The best ‘me time’ for me is when I have somebody to take care of my son and I have a longer time in the shower and do all the rituals like body scrubbing etc.”

A leisurely bath with no interruptions is a total luxury for Lisville B.: “This is hard to achieve since I have 2 boys (aged 2 and 5).”

For mom Felisida V., me time doesn’t necessarily mean alone time. “I usually have my ‘me time’ early in the morning and when my girls are sleeping so I can’t really go out of the house to pamper myself at the spa. I’d personally rather spend on my children than myself.”

“I’d personally rather spend on my children than myself.”

Mom Queenie L. loves spending alone time watching her favorite drama shows uninterrupted. She also loves window shopping and going to the supermarket.

For mom Rosvinder K., going for a kickass workout or run is just the ticket.

Shannon Y. believes the best way to spend much needed me time is by getting a massage, facial, good night’s sleep or a long. relaxing shower.

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Simply reading her favorite magazine while enjoying a cup of hot tea is the epitome of me time for Angela E.

“Relax and watching T.V. while drinking some hot drink with some snacks,” says Rui Y.

Sharing good conversation over tea with a fellow stay-at-home mom is mom of two Priscilla T.’s idea of alone time.

For Uma J., bonding activities with her hubby, like going for a jog or playing badminton, is her idea of downtime.

Mom of two Chloe L. simply listens to soft, soothing music.

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