Meteor Garden actress Barbie Hsu terminates her pregnancy

Meteor Garden actress Barbie Hsu terminates her pregnancy

Less than a month after announcing that she was expecting, Meteor Garden actress Barbie Hsu had to terminate her pregnancy.

Less than a month ago, Meteor Garden actress Barbie Hsu made an announcement that she was pregnant with her 3rd child. Sadly, the actress recently announced that she had to terminate her 3rd pregnancy.

Why did Barbie Hsu decide to terminate her pregnancy?

The actress had some trouble during the early stages of her 3rd pregnancy; she was hospitalized early in March due to epileptic seizures, where rumors of her pregnancy first started to appear.

She also suffered a similar attack when she was giving birth to her second child a couple of years ago.

In early April, the actress shared, "I’m only seven weeks into my pregnancy, so it’s hard to confirm how things will go!"

She added that she's worried that she might not be able to carry the child to term, but she decided to "leave everything to fate."

Sadly, Barbie had to terminate her pregnancy after a recent checkup found that her baby did not have a heartbeat.

They couple hoped for the best

Her doctor advised her early on that her child might have developmental problems, owing to her age. However, the couple still hoped for the best and were excited about the new addition to their family.

She also shared that the child was conceived "in a very unlikely situation" and they both believe that it's Heaven's Will. Early on, Barbie expressed that she had no desire to have a 3rd child.

Since no heartbeat can be detected from the baby, her doctor advised for her to terminate her pregnancy. This is to ensure that there will be no complications for her.

Additionally, having a child at her age is very risky, and it's not uncommon for older pregnant moms to suffer a miscarriage.

Barbie has 2 children, aged 4, and 2, with her husband who is a Chinese businessman.




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