TAPfluencer spotlight: Bernadette Zulueta as the power mom behind the Millennial Moms PH

TAPfluencer spotlight: Bernadette Zulueta as the power mom behind the Millennial Moms PH

Millennial moms are a branding for mothers born between 1978 and 1994; but on a different note, it’s a support network here in the Philippines that makes young moms share, inspire, and connect among themselves and grow with other moms.

Back in November 2015, Millennial Moms PH started as a group of around 100 members, who were mostly colleagues and friends of Bernadette Zulueta, also known as Dette. Now, they have more than 6000 members in their Facebook group, 14,000 followers on Instagram and has a very active community of moms who genuinely care for one another, and want each other to grow and succeed in their journey.

We got in touch with Dette Zulueta, one of our TAPfluencers, to learn about the humble beginnings of Millennial Moms PH and how it eventually became what it is today.

Millennial Moms on its humble beginnings and significant growth as a community

Dette came up with the idea of creating a group where she can freely talk to moms, ask random questions, and gain unique pieces of advice, as she had to cope with the beginning of her journey to motherhood. At the time, according to her, all her friends were single. While the only strong “moms community” out there was Mommy Mundo. Although, it did not have a way for the mom members to communicate among themselves.

millennial moms

She shared in an exclusive interview, “there were also groups in Facebook but they are advocacy-based; breastfeeding, baby wearing, cloth diapering. I was in search for a group which is not focus on something. Parang open to any parenting style in general. So, I thought of opening an open group where walang bawal. That’s why I created Millennial Moms.”

From its humble beginning of 100 members composing the group, Millenial Moms PH significantly grow into a community that gathers moms from different walks of life together. It was in 2016 when Dette got in touch with Fully Booked and Ogalala to get a venue for group’s very first gathering.

“It was the usual talk na we have positive discipline and we’re learning through play. Then we noticed na parang I had a hard time gathering the moms. Na parang naisip ko, ‘ah, baka hindi pala swak ‘to, na parang it’s a learning event.’

“What I did in siguro by the end of the year of 2017, ‘what if we do a meetup?’ So, technically, there was no agenda and it’s just a meetup. Ayun, I had my very first sponsor.”

Its first series of the event became a meetup session that Dette regularly organizes. As the community grew, so did the pour of sponsors. The dynamics of meetups evolved equally and became more organized, but the moms’ discussion will never get off the program list.

TAPfluencer spotlight: Bernadette Zulueta as the power mom behind the Millennial Moms PH

Millennial Moms PH: Bringing moms to share, inspire, and connect with other moms

Millennial Moms PH believes that motherhood brings out the best in every woman. It may come with a lot of struggles but can be made easy when being surrounded by the right support peers. Hence hurdles may just be meant to be welcome challenges that stick the bond between mother and child, and among the whole family.

Dette knew and experienced it herself; the difficulties that come with the motherhood, especially for those first-time moms. So, it’s no wonder that the group started with a hundred members grew extensively, and continuously nurtures, now having more than 6000 members at its Facebook private group alone.

“I think the passion really was the first driving force of all these. I really wanted to meet moms. And I really wanted to serve moms, to help them. Because I know I need the help, the support also a first-time mom. Then, after that, naging bonus na lang everything; the sponsored events. Even being a brand ambassador, being a content creator that came in way after I did what I really want.”

In addition, Dette humbly took note that “the purpose should not be to gain profit or popularity. It should be something deeper than that.”

Right now, a maximum of 70 moms take part in every event Dette is able to organize. It never gets tiring for Dette rather adds up only to a bucket of achievements she was able to make out of her passion.

When asked about some instances or anecdotes that made a special spot on her memory, she told about a fellow TAPfluencer, Rachelle Carpio. It still flatters her heart up to these days to be an inspiration to other moms like Rachelle, who said she was inspired to go start blogging after having been part of the first-ever #MomTribe Meet-up of the Millenial Moms community.

“Iyong mga small anecdotes na gano’n. Then, this mom na nagsabi, ‘we created a community becase nakita naming sa ‘yo how you did it or organize. ‘Yong mga gano’n, nakakatuwa,”

Dette does also acknowledge authenticity has a big role in making her connections to a large community of moms out there. “Parang they can relate to me. So, I think ‘yun nga, when you even post your own challenges sa social media, and just be as real as you are, marami pa ring nai-inspire. Kasi many people can relate to it.


Millennial Moms PH: Like, join, interact, learn, and sign-up now and participate to the events!

Were you inspired by the vision that comes with Bernadette Zulueta’s Millennial Moms PH community? Every mom and even dad is welcome to join the group with the hope to inspire and share among each other—the hacks, attracts, and challenge attacks in the journey to parenthood. 

Millennial Moms PH founder, Bernadette Zulueta, also appreciates and welcomes interested sponsors for their series of events and may get in touch through email at [email protected].



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