WATCH: "Mini Taylor Swift" Xia Vigor singing with her daddy

WATCH: "Mini Taylor Swift" Xia Vigor singing with her daddy

Impersonating Taylor Swift isn't Xia Vigor's only talent, check out her adorable duet with her dad, covering the classic Beatles song "Till There Was You"!

Though she's made international headlines with her adorably accurate impersonation of Taylor Swift, Xia Vigor remains grounded and simple, a fun-loving kid who enjoys singing.

With her cute singing voice, acting chops, and quick wit, she has proven to be a strong contender of Your Face Sounds Familiar Kids' first season. The talent competition features child singers/actors impersonating their favorite singers.

In anticipation of Xia's next wow-worthy performance, ABS-CBN dug up a throwback clip of Xia simply being herself, singing her heart out to the classic love song "Till There Was You".

"Happiness is....singing and more singing," she wrote in the caption of the clip which shows Xia flawlessly singing while emoting the lyrics as her dad played the guitar.

"Happiness is...singing and more singing..."

?Happiness is....singing and more singing??

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Though her British-born dad is based in Iloilo, he makes it a point to visit Xia and her older brother Liam in Manila, where they live with their mom who is a part-time Film student and beauty salon owner.

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On her Instagram, the 7-year-old star has nearly 130,000 followers, with whom she shares her other interests aside from acting, like playing the piano, guitar, and swimming.

?Spending the rest of my day singing and daddy teaching me to play guitar ?

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