Mom fires back at haters who judged her for giving her daughter "unicorn hair"

Mom fires back at haters who judged her for giving her daughter "unicorn hair"

This mom gave internet haters a piece of her mind after they judged her daughter's unicorn hair

The internet sure is quick to judge, especially when it comes to moms. Florida hairstylist Mary Thomaston finally gave in to her 6-year-old daughter Lyra’s pleas to color her hair and shave the side of her head after years of begging.

The result? This bold turquoise ‘do complete with a purple and yellow “hair tattoo” on one side. “My very own baby unicorn,” Thomaston captioned her photo. “She’s been wanting this done for a while now. All her own ideas.”

Most of the comments to the photo were positive, which makes sense, because Lyra looks absolutely awesome.

But plenty of commenters took issue with Thomaston dying her daughter's hair, and made sure that she knew it. Some thought that Lyra was too young to have her hair colored.

“If that isn’t temporary dye, you could be doing unknown damage to the health and development of that very young child."

One commenter showed “concern” over how long Lyra had to sit to get the style done.

“How long did this little girl have to sit to accomplish that? Why? Sometimes we forget they're little and not a little doll.”

Thomaston was quick to point out that she wasn’t forcing her child to do anything. “She sat as long as she needed to get this done,” she wrote. “She's been asking for it for a long time. She played on her I pad and was perfectly content til we were finished. She wasn't forced into anything. Cute as a doll... Yes... Treating her like she's a doll…nope.”

Some seemed to be against the whole principle of dying hair.

“Why would you do that? Don’t get it. She had such beautiful hair. Would never do that to my daughter’s hair.”

Read Thomaston's response to her haters on the next page.

Though plenty of commenters offered positive feedback and praised Thomaston for letting her daughter express herself, the negative comments struck a cord with the mom, who penned this response:

"Dear Haters,

"I have this weird goal of raising self confident, self assured children, who know and feel the freedom of self-expression. So when my child asks for blue hair, I tell her how much I like her choice and how beautiful she is.

"Even better, I do it with quality products, that not only respect the integrity of her hair, but also fades out with time."

“I am not sure how you are raising your children, but keep your unwelcome opinions to yourself in regards to my child rearing.

"You do not like blue, cool, say so. You don't like rainbow hair, cool, say that. These things are opinions you are entitled to, your disrespectful comments about my child are not.”

"Lastly, I am not sure who the f*** does your hair, if you have chosen bad stylists in that past.

"But you are 100% inaccurate is assuming my child's hair was damaged in this process. As a trained and licensed stylist, I can assure you it was not. Oh, and keep your negativity off my page next time."

Cue mic drop.

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