Single mom of 8 killed during robbery on her way home in Makati City

Single mom of 8 killed during robbery on her way home in Makati City

A 48-year-old single mom of eight was shot and killed immediately during a robbery attempt in San Isidro, Makati City. Learn more details, below.

ABS-CBN's TV Patrol reported the tragic fate that befell a mom of eight as she was making her way home in San Isidro, Makati. Based on CCTV footage, 47-year-old Catalina Aguas, a cashier at a Manila restaurant, was attacked by a man on a motorbike, who jumped her as she was walking calmly down Faraday street at around 4 a.m.

The CCTV clearly shows the man grabbing Catalina's bag forcefully. There was a struggle before the man hit Catalina with his gun, causing her to fall over.

Unable to snatch the bag from her, the man shot Catalina, killing her instantly.

Catalina was a single mom, who was raising eight kids all on her own

"Wala kang awa. Ang pinatay mo isang single mother nagtataguyod sa walong anak. Hindi ka nakonsensiya. Sana ang ipinakakain mo sa mga anak mo kung meron ka mang anak hindi galing sa pagnanakaw hindi ka namin mapapatawad," Ellen Aguas, a relative of the victim, told the suspect through an interview with ABS-CBN.

The merciless and senseless killing of Catalina was a great loss to her family, who describe her as very lovable and generous.

"Wala silang awa. Parang wala silang nanay. Lahat po aakuin niya mabuhay lang kami. Sobrang mahal na mahal ko yun," cried Kaecelyn Balibol, one of Catalina's eight children.

She was just a few steps away from her house when the tragic incident happened

She was just a few steps away from her house when the tragic incident happened.

One of the possible angles that authorities are looking into is that someone "tipped" the suspect that the victim was carrying a large amount of cash since it was her turn to collect her shares from their paluwagan, a rotating money lending and saving scheme commonly used by co-workers and even students to encourage more efficient saving.

As of this writing, the police have reportedly arrested three suspects. They are believed to be drug dealers and part of a notorious robbery group in the area. Another suspect, Ronald Gogolin, was killed after he exchanged shots with policemen. The stolen motorcycle used during the crime has also been retrieved by authorities.

You can watch the full report by ABS-CBN's TV Patrol, below.

From January to May 2016, there have been 36,783 cases of robberies, specifically Holdup, recorded by the Philippine National Police (PNP). This means: about 10 holdup incidents happen every hour and 240 cases per day.

ABS-CBN's Red Alert shared the story of a man, hiding behind the alias "Gabriel", who managed to survive a robbery and homicide attempt by killing his attacker in self-defense.

The traumatic incident taught him to be more careful and to remember not to resist.

It also showed him that no belonging or material thing is more important than his own life.

Gabriel believes it's important to always remember that the best option is not to resist and risk your life.

Learn more about "Gabriel's" story in the video below.

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