Watch these funny moms eat food just like their kids

Watch these funny moms eat food just like their kids

This crazy video asks the question: "What if moms eat food just like their kids?", and the result is just insanely funny!

These funny moms made a video of what it would look like if moms eat food just like their kids, and the results are crazy funny!

Funny moms Laurel Coppock, Molly Erdman and Megan Grano are the moms behind The Breakwomb. These long-time friends and actors started making videos about a year back and have created a lot of funny videos since then.

Their approach to their comedy make them very relatable, not just for moms, but for anyone who has had experience with taking care of a child.

Most of their videos show what would happen if moms acted just like their kids, and as you can see, they are just too funny!

Their videos show the various aspects and realities of being a mom, and these awesome moms approach it a sense of humor.

Being a mom isn't always easy, and these videos can help brighten up any mom's day if they're feeling stressed out.

Watch the full video here:

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