Thinking about starting a business? Here's how being a mom can help you succeed

Thinking about starting a business? Here's how being a mom can help you succeed

Aside from the obvious fact that they are master multi-taskers, here are more reasons why moms make good entrepreneurs!

With motherhood comes a variety of lessons. But did you know the skills you acquire in your growth as a mom can also help you excel beyond the realm of parenting? The skills that are honed by striving to be a great mom can actually help you grow in other areas of life, including starting your own business, should you want to one day!

It is no secret that moms can pretty much handle anything, but here are specific reasons why you would make an excellent entrepreneur!

1. You have no option to put things off

Time is important---precious, in fact. So wasting it is not an option. Multi-tasking a skill that naturally develops as moms feel that there aren't enough hours in the day to get things done.

"It's tempting to do so many things at once and we can get overwhelmed. Focus first on the critical things that will have an impact on your business, the rest can wait," advised Mommy Republic co-founder Kate Yu in an interview with theAsianparent Philippines.

2. You have learned to trust your instincts and opinions

Because there is no "manual for motherhood," moms learn to wing it and to learn as they go. This hones their resourceful problem solving as well as builds their confidence in their own instincts. They also manage to grow accustomed to discerning what advice to take and what to ignore.

"I apply the skills and passion I put into my business to child rearing and vice versa," says Mi'ann Oblea, founder of Babymama.

3. You have grace under pressure

They are tougher and more resilient. No longer are they easily flustered by every little setback, but they manage to perform well under pressure. Ask any entrepreneur, parent or not, and they will surely tell you that this is one of the key personalities of a good leader and business professional.

4. You have learned to discipline yourself

Moms are not just expert disciplinarians, they have also constantly learn the art of disciplining themselves. They have matured in a way that helps them keep their emotions and thoughts in check.

"Choose a business that is fuelled by your passion because when the going gets tough and issues arise, it is your sheer determination and willpower that will keep you going," says Maricel Cua and Beng Feliciano, founders of the Parenting Emporium.

5. You plan ahead

Moms think ahead. Because each day is unpredictable, moms learn to prepare for the unexpected. This just does not mean they are constantly working to grow their business, but they also plan to make time for their families.

"The world can wait - emails can be answered tomorrow, calls can be done another day, but hugs and kisses are precious," says Denise Christine Gonzales-Bernardo of Indigobaby.

Thinking about starting a business? Here's how being a mom can help you succeed

6. You are more nurturing

Through raising their kids through every stage of life, they have managed to develop their sense of empathy. They are also more able to guide others, which is one of the most important qualities of a good leader.

"I've become more empathic and other-centered," relates Paola Loot-Bronfman of Mommy Treats.

7. You are more patient

Because kids can be difficult, moms learn to stretch the limits of their patience. This is as essential in building a family as it is in growing a successful business venture.

8. You know your strengths and weaknesses

Because of the responsibilities and challenges, moms are able to get a clearer picture of what they do best, and what areas they can still improve on.

9. You think positively despite challenges

Moms tend to model positivity, simply because they are aware their children are watching them closely. Because of this, they are not easily pulled back by setbacks and they keep pressing on for the love of their family.

"All I can do is handle each situation the best way I know how, charge it to experience and learn from it moving forward," says Charisse Santos-Agulto, the founder of Lactabites.

10. You have honed negotiation skills

Moms are master negotiators. Try dealing with a stubborn toddler who refuses to go to bed or a kid who refuses to brushes their teeth before bed. These simple things help moms learn to become better at compromise and finding solutions to conflict creatively.

What other traits and skills do you think mompreneurs possess? Let us know in the comments below!


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