4 Signs your mother-in-law hates you

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“Even if Grandma is a royal witch, you need to keep mum about your feelings in front of your children. They don't need to hear how much you don't like her. Let them have a relationship with her, if it is possible.”

Just because you have won your husband over doesn’t necessarily guarantee that you’ve also won his mother over. Most of the time mothers-in-law can remain aloof to you even years into the marriage.

In fact some of them can even be downright cruel.

But how do you know if your mother-in-law’s behavior is just part of her nature or if her cruelty toward you stems from hatred?

Laura Lifshitz of Popsugar offers these telling signs:

1. She snubs your invites

Laura says that if your MIL always finds a way to skip out of a gathering that you’re throwing, chances are she hates your guts.

“If you want the holidays at your house and she’s passionate about breaking bread at hers, she will dramatically snub your idea and offer a billion other reasons that she should be the big hostess for the day.”

2. Tears you down to her child

Not only does she make it a point to find something to complain about you, but she does it in front of your husband.

“She criticizes you at every turn to her kid and makes it clear that she feels her child is better than you,” Laura says. “In her eyes, you can do no RIGHT and are certainly not a match for her darling child.”

3. Undermines you and your parenting decisions

She will make it a point to contradict your choices, or find something to disagree with. Worse, she will insist that you do certain things the way she does it, because in her eyes she’s better, more experienced, more correct.

4. Keeps you close enough to pick at you

This one is tricky because she won’t openly push you away, but instead she will keep you close enough not to draw any attention.

Often they will drop a passive-aggressive comment which will make you wonder, “did she really say that?” And then proceeds immediately to saying something nice.

“The switch-over from passive-aggressive attacks to sweet comments is carried out in such a sophisticated manner that it’s hard for you to debate your case with your partner.”

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