Slain teen's mother petitions Netflix to cancel upcoming series "Amo"

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After her son was falsely accused and killed for selling drugs, a mother wants Netflix to cancel its upcoming series that features the local drug war.

Luzviminda Siapo, a former OFW and mother of slain teen Raymart Siapo calls on Netflix to cancel upcoming series "Amo," which highlights the drug war in the country.

The director of the series, Brillante Mendoza, is a staunch supporter of President Duterte and believes that the drug war is necessary.

She wants Netflix to cancel the show

Luzviminda wrote a petition addressed to Netflix, hoping that they would cancel the show.

This is what she wrote:

"Dear Netflix,

I am LUZVIMINDA SIAPO. A former Overseas Filipino Worker in Kuwait. I am the mother of RAYMART SIAPO, 19 years old. I was yet to finish my contract in Kuwait when I had to go back home. Raymart was reported to the Barangay (village) Hall falsely accused of selling marijuana. The following night, he was abducted. His arms were broken. He was told to run. But he couldn’t. Raymart was born disabled. He was club-footed. Fourteen masked men riding seven motorcycles abducted and killed my 19-year-old son. He was shot twice in the head.

My son was one of the thousands of victims of President Duterte’s campaign against drugs. Now that AMO, a show about the war on drugs in the Philippines, is to be screened on Netflix, I am deeply concerned. According to its director Brillante Mendoza, the war on drugs is necessary in the Philippines and other countries having problems with illegal drugs.

I would like to ask you to cancel this show. War on drugs is not the solution. For me, killing is not right. Everyone deserves a chance to live and change his life.

Luzviminda Siapo"

She posted the petition on and she also pointed out that a drug war isn't the solution to solve the drug problem in our country.

"For me, killing is not right"

According to reports, Luzviminda's son Raymart, was brutally gunned down by a group of men wearing ski masks. Her son was abducted after he was reported by a neighbor as allegedly a marijuana seller in their barangay.

Her 19-year-old son was crying for help, while his killers told him to run. However, Raymart was born with a club foot, and wasn't able to run.

The killers then asked him to sit down instead, and he was then brutally murdered.

Luzviminda was an OFW in Kuwait when her son was brutally murdered. In her petition, she wrote, "For me, killing is not right. Everyone deserves a chance to live and change his life.

While she may not be able to bring back her son's life, Luzviminda is hoping that her actions will spur the government to end the war on drugs, so that other mothers won't go through what she has experienced in losing her beloved son.



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