3 ways for mom to better handle these extraordinary times

3 ways for mom to better handle these extraordinary times

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The ongoing pandemic has ushered in a new kind of normal— one where people are encouraged to stay at home and social distancing is strongly enforced. And all in good reason, too. The cure against COVID-19 is still uncertain, and all we can do for now is boost our immunity to prepare.

Since prevention is better than cure (and really, we still don’t know the cure to this day), it is important to keep ourselves in tip-top shape. The same goes for our family.

But what product does the job best? What should we be looking for? And most importantly, how do we even know that it’s the best? Don’t worry, mommies! We’re here to help you make smart choices:



The internet is both a great source of information. Plus, it’s easily accessible, too! For COVID-19 updates or information for first-time parents, there are many sites to check out and social media groups to stay informed.

But remember to always make sure that your information is backed by studies and valid sources. To be sure, check out well-known and secure sites only. The key word is to research, and to never share any information that sounds shady, that isn’t backed by facts, or is something that you’re not sure about.



For credible information about parenthood, you can check out NANKID Parentology forum, a site full of helpful information. First-time parents, and even veterans can learn more about their children’s formative years through this forum, as it contains studies, tips, and advice straight from the experts themselves.


NANKID Parentology Forum also teaches parents about the importance of proper health and nutrition. One of the first sources of nutrients, especially for growing children, is milk. It greatly affects a child’s required dietary intake in order to meet the recommended daily nutrient requirements. Thus, it is important for your milk to have:


As parents, we all want only the best for our children. Thus, it is important to give them nourishing and healthy milk. The ideal milk includes:

NANKID is ONLY ONE with clinically proven Optimized Protein and HM-O. All these and more helps support optimal growth and immunity. That way, you can continue to nourish your child’s every possible.

Navigating a future as uncertain as this can be overwhelming, but with the proper knowledge, proper milk, and right nutrition, you can handle anything with ease. You go, mommies! 

To get more information about your child’s health, nutrition, and overall growth, visit the NANKID Parentology Forum. Plus, you can have your very own NANKID delivered in the safety of your home by ordering on Lazada. You can even like and follow us on Facebook and Instagram to learn more!

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