Need help with your child’s education? We've Got You Covered!

Need help with your child’s education? We've Got You Covered!

Getting an education is everybody’s right, but it can get costly. When enrollment time rolls in, parents find themselves tightening their belts and figuring out ways to pay for the ever-rising tuition fees. How can parents provide a future for their kids that they can smile about? Presented by Colgate Philippines.

Making Ends Meet  

As mommies and daddies, you will do everything for your kids, especially if it means that it will help create a bright and happy future for them.

But do you feel that no matter how much money you're earning, the struggle to provide is real, especially when it comes to your child's tuition?

Not only do you have that hefty tuition fee to worry about, but you have the cost of uniforms, school supplies, supplies for extra-curricular activities, and a lot more to spend on. Yikes!

Sacrificing for your kids come naturally, and you do it wholeheartedly--even if it means you scrimp on some luxuries, take on extra work, just to make sure your kids get what they deserve. And all this happens usually without even your kids knowing about it.

A Worthwhile Sacrifice

You see this sacrifice as worth the hefty price tag, because they see getting the best education possible as a way of ensuring a good future for their children. The thinking is that a college degree will lead to a stable job with good pay, which will be able to get your child not only the basic necessities to survive daily, but to have a comfortable life.

A Helping Hand

We can only hope that the education in the Philippines will improve throughout the years in terms of price and quality, especially with the transition the K-12 education system. But while that day of quality education might become a reality in the future, what can parents do right now to get their kids all the way to college graduation day?

Your Child, the Scholar

Scholarships are oftentimes awarded to the most deserving students, usually those that are the most studious, show the greatest potential, or those who are in need of it.

Colgate wants to give all students the chance to get a scholarship. The Colgate Scholarship Promo is worth Php100,000, and is but a text away. Simply buy a specially-marked Colgate Maximum Cavity Protection Great Regular Flavor carton or any Colgate sachet variant, text the corresponding code to 3456, and hope that you’ll be one of the lucky 30 winners to get Php100,000!

After joining the promo, perhaps you’ll feel a bit more relaxed and sleep better tonight, knowing that you’ve gone that extra mile to give everyone a future they can smile about.

For more details and promo mechanics, visit the official Colgate Philippines’ Facebook page.


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