How this inspiring MOMMALOVE® ad helps change our views on trying to be a perfect mom

How this inspiring MOMMALOVE® ad helps change our views on trying to be a perfect mom

Mommas, your love is perfect! And NESTLÉ MOMMALOVE® is here to support you in your motherhood journey. NESTLÉ MOMMALOVE® is a lactation milk drink for breastfeeding moms.

Hindi man laging picture-perfect ang motherhood, you will always be perfect in your baby’s eyes.

This inspiring ad reminds each mom who has given everything to her baby, that it's alright to take care of herself too.

We all know that motherhood is a difficult juggling act. Sometimes it can seem like all the “balls” are up in the air at the same time, and that we need to be at the top of our game, juggling as fast as we can, just to make sure everything is “perfect.”

This juggling act is only all too familiar for new moms.  And this ad from NESTLÉ MOMMALOVE® that has been making waves online perfectly sums up the situation of new mothers. Watch it here:

Even in those moments of “imperfection”, mommies realize that they are perfect, just the way they are. Moms have seen the ad, and, let’s just say, there were big feelings involved!

We interviewed a few mommas who have seen the ad. They shared with us how they realized that they are not alone, and that being perfect isn’t the same as doing what is the best they can.


Here are their stories.

Gellina Maala : “I was not alone”


“There is always that [desire] to be the “perfect” mom for your children, for your family. Dapat lahat ng mga bagay , you’re on top of it. I’m a working mom, so doble ang mga responsibilities ko .I’m always torn between doing well at work, kasi work is what provides livelihood for my family, to buy what they need... but also be a great mom and make sure everyone is taken care of.

How this inspiring MOMMALOVE® ad helps change our views on trying to be a perfect mom

“But what I did not realize in all this was that I was not alone pala. That my head was overthinking maybe a little too much, just because I wanted it to be perfect for everyone, and most especially for my baby.

“I don’t always have to be perfect, but instead, treasure the moments we do have together and live those to the fullest. It makes for intentional relationships, and more memorable ones with my baby. By giving Emilio (6 months old) the best food he can get, I know I am not just feeding him. I am nourishing him, making him feel loved, and giving him health security as he grows up. It makes my motherhood journey more fulfilling.

How this inspiring MOMMALOVE® ad helps change our views on trying to be a perfect mom

“Making sure that they are healthy and especially their nutrition is one of things that I really need to be able to make sure is the best, and I FINALLY do not feel alone in this! With NESTLÉ MOMMALOVE® , there is no question my kids are getting the best of me. And I know that Nestlé is supporting me in making sure that I am getting the nutrients and vitamins that are important to my being their mom. So even if I may be at work, I am assured with my choice that I’m doing my best to provide for them through the work I do, but also that I’m giving them the best I can give through NESTLÉ MOMMALOVE® .”


Indeed, there are times that mothers can rely on others to give them support, just like Momma Gellina relies on NESTLÉ MOMMALOVE® to ensure her children get the best of what she can give, and to keep them in the peak of health.


Let’s hear from more moms!

Roma Santos: “Picture Perfect”

Growing up, as a woman, there are all these expectations of you. There is a picture that is painted in your head of what a ‘perfect life’ is supposed to be. This is doubly true — even triple! — when you’re envisioning yourself being a mommy.“

How this inspiring MOMMALOVE® ad helps change our views on trying to be a perfect mom

“When you’re pregnant, you already have this idea in your head about what you’re supposed to be, what you’re going to do, how you’re going to raise your child, and all those expectations that as we know, go completely out the window once the baby is born. Tapos nanganak ka and then BOOM! Bigla nalang lahat ng mga plano mo para sa sarili mo kung paano mo na-envision sarili mo maging nanay, wala na .

Pero siyempre , because nga may idea ka on how it is ‘supposed to be,’ pinupush mo sarili mong itupad yun for your children, especially as a full time mom, since I have two, Arella who’s 6 years old and Venhea who is just 1 year old.

“We all want what is best for our children, diba? Sino naman hindi . Pero what I’ve learned, especially thanks to NESTLÉ MOMMALOVE®, is that I don’t need to be perfect. That I can slow down, bitawan naman itong idea of “perfection” na nasa isip ko. Just wanting to play with my children and love them enthusiastically and optimistically is enough.


With NESTLÉ MOMMALOVE®, I’ve learned to embrace every moment, kasi super bilis niya, fleeting talaga, pero wow! NESTLÉ MOMMALOVE® reminds me that I need to be the best I can be for my baby because he makes me happier than anything that may be ‘perfect’! Don’t get me wrong, I still strive to be perfect for my kids, but now I know that being the best mommy does not mean being the ‘perfect’ mommy in my head. I’ll take all the imperfections any day!”


Angel Alonzo “Super Mom”

I am Angel Alonzo, proud working mom of 2. My first born, Emmanuel Alistair ; is now 2 years old and I recently gave birth to a healthy baby girl, Elisse Amaria.


“Hindi na maiiwasan nating mga nanay to always strive for the best, to be the most perfect for our kids and our family. That is our job, to be the best to our kids, our partner and our family. It does not help at all that I am super, super OC about certain things. Everything has to be organized, clean, perfect and nothing out of place.

“Easier said than done right, especially with two kids under the age of eight and one still breastfeeding! But really, for me, this kasi comes from a place in my heart that I want them to learn that everything is in their right place and everyone knows where this ‘right’ place is.


“With me, juggling my work at home that started when I was pregnant, having everything in its place just helps me be less stressed out by the little things, I guess. Maybe sometimes, I get too into it. But this is how I show my love for my family eh, and how it helps me function to the best of my ability. Breastfeeding allowed me to have an intimate bonding with my children, beneficial for their health and mine too. The joy it brought me, is simply irreplaceable. I was able to breastfed Ali for 21 months and I couldn't be more proud and grateful for reaching that far. I do hope I can do the same or even more with my daughter Elisse.

“When I saw the NESTLÉ MOMMALOVE® ad. I was reminded that I’m still doing my best, even if my being ‘OC’ is not perfect pala , ironically. Thanks to NESTLÉ MOMMALOVE® I am able to make sure that my kids are getting the best part of me they can, messy or OC.

“So even in my imperfection of trying to be super perfect, I know we’re just fine.”


Arlyn Buhayang-Cruz: : “Stay-at-Home Mom”


“I am a stay-at-home mom, but live with my parents at home. So ang mga inaalagaan ko sa bahay ay hindi lang ang mga anak ko (my eldest is going on 7, my youngest is 1 year old) at asawa ko, mga magulang ko din. Kaya when you say, ‘Stay-at-home mom KA PALA,’ you really don’t know my story.

How this inspiring MOMMALOVE® ad helps change our views on trying to be a perfect mom

“Now, I’m sure that I’m not the only mom that juggles things like this, and even much more, but sometimes I feel so exhausted, and when they say ‘Stay-at-home mom KA PALA’ parang sinasabi nila wala akong ginagawa o hindi rin matrabaho ang mga ginagawa ko. Madami din akong kailangan gawin na minsan nakakalimutan ko na din ang sarili ko at mga iba’t ibang gawain sa bahay.

“When I saw the Nestlé NESTLÉ MOMMALOVE® ad though, alam ko na ok lang . Hindi ko naman kailangan maging perfect because being able to juggle the things I have to do for my family is already perfect. NESTLÉ MOMMALOVE® helps with that.

“Our home setup may not be the best set up in the minds of some people, but for me I find comfort in our imperfection. We are doing the best we can, and when one of my family members says ‘Thank you’ to me, that’s all I need to hear to keep all my doubts of being a ‘Stay-at-home mom LANG ’ away. Thanks NESTLÉ MOMMALOVE® for giving me the strength!”



Mommas, your love is perfect! And NESTLÉ MOMMALOVE® is here to support you in your motherhood journey. 

NESTLÉ MOMMALOVE® is a lactation milk drink for breastfeeding moms that contains 1,200 mg malunggay, a known galactagogue which may help in lactation. It also has wheat flakes for fiber to help moms feel fuller for longer.

Plus it has nutrients such as iron, folate, and calcium – para habang alaga mo si baby, may nag-aalaga rin sa’ yo.


Visit the NESTLÉ MOMMALOVE® website to find out more about how MOMMALOVE® supports mommas!

Or share the love by liking the NESTLÉ MOMMALOVE® Facebook page.

Buy NESTLÉ MOMMALOVE® today, available at all Mercury Drug stores nationwide.

Available at P35 per sachet and P350 for a box of 10s (Suggested Retail Price).

You can also buy it via online at Shopee by clicking on this link now.

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