Nisce Skin Medispa introduces skincare product line "safe for pregnant women"

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Nisce Skin Medispa launches skincare and beauty product line for pregnant women.

Nisce Skin Medispa, a chain of skin care wellness centers in the country, held an event, called “The Bump Diaries: Pregnancy Beauty 101,” to promote “beauty routines for pregnant women.”

Admit it or not, pregnancy is not a walk in the park. Yes, the joy of having a tiny human in your tummy can eclipse all other seemingly superficial concerns like losing your shapely figure or having cankles. The list of pregnancy beauty seems to be never-ending—breakouts, dark armpits, dark singit, linea nigra, stretch marks, and more.

Sometimes, you look in the mirror and you hardly recognize yourself anymore.


Antoinette Nisce-Ngo—Nisce VP and COO, internationally licensed aesthetician

Nisce VP and COO, Antoinette Nisce-Ngo, an internationally licensed aesthetician, believes that being pregnant does not mean succumbing to being losyang. Pregnant with her second child, the lady-boss sought out a solution to help moms-to-be in conquering their beauty problems by coming out with “an affordable skincare line that’s safe for pregnant women.”

Here’s the list of the preggy beauty skincare line:

1. Nisce Skin Basics Gentle Soap, P88

This soap has a Moisturizing, Anti-Bacterial, Anti Inflammatory and Anti Environmental Pollution properties with key ingredients: Aloe Vera, Vit. E, Shea Butter, and more plant extracts safe for all skin types including sensitive skin.

2.  Nisce Dermatology Papaya Cucumber Toner, P280

Best for normal to dry skin. It rehydrates the skin while improving cellular functions and absorption of ingredients like cucumber extract that soothes irritated skin.

3. Nisce Dermatology Vit. E Cream w/ SPF30, P325

Contains Vitamin E to lock in skin’s natural moisture along w/ high SPF for daily protection.

4. Nisce Dermatology Gold Collagen Facial Mask, P160

Plumps up the appearance of skin by repairing aging cells with its gold and collagen ingredients.


Nisce skincare line for pregnant women

Baby Bump Diaries

Asia’s leading digital parenting magazine, theAsianparent (represented by brand solutions head Donna Santos and head of content Candice Venturanza), and Mommy Bloggers Philippines (represented by Mhaan Arambulo Delos Santos) were also guest speakers at the event. It was highlighted in the forum that pregnancy beauty starts with the right attitude and an awareness of what an expectant mother is doing to her body.

Likewise, Dr. Patricia “Trixie” Valle-Tin—a certified dermatologist, a diplomate of the Philippine Dermatological Society (PDS) and the medical director of Nisce Skin Medispa—shed light on the issue of spa and beauty treatments for expectant mom.

Here are Dr. Trixie’s pointers on what are safe for pregnant women:

  • Your daily beauty routine. Generally speaking, your everyday hair, makeup, and bathing rituals are perfectly fine.
  • Manicures and pedicures, as long as polishes used are safe, like Zoya, and nail services do not entail massaging your feet and hands.
  • Hair dye—While coloring the hair is a topic of debate, highlights are fine as long as the chemicals don’t come in contact with your scalp.
  • Massages. Contrary to the popular belief, a massage is the perfect way to rid you of those pregnancy aches and pains and to help you to relax and forget the stresses of impending motherhood. However, if you’re in your first trimester, it’s better to hold off. Also, make sure that your masseuse is a certified prenatal therapist.
  • Facials. It’s generally safe to get a facial while pregnant—as long as you avoid harsh treatments like microdermabrasion and certain kinds of chemical peels. Try to get an all-natural facial if possible, like the Nisce Natural Fresh Mix Agas Facial, Nisce Age Defy Facial, or Nisce Gentle Diamond Peel Facial. Tip: Test the product on your skin before starting.

Dr. Trixie also gave a list of treatments that you can do after you give birth:

  • Nisce Exilis Elite Nonsurgical Fat Reduction on the abdomen and abdominal skin tightening
    When you can do it: Six months after delivery and get as close to your pre-pregnancy weight as possible.
  • Nisce Fractional C02 Laser or Bloomea Paris Treatments for stretch marks
    When you can do it: These nonsurgical treatments regimen could be started as early as three months after giving birth.
  • Nisce Cutera Laser Genesis for skin rejuvenation, stretch marks treatment, acne scars and pigmentation and permanent hair removal
    When you can do it: Six months after delivery.

She reminds moms though to “always ask your doctor first” before undergoing treatments.

For more details, check out Nisce Skin Medispa’s Facebook and Instagram.

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