7 OMG-worthy facts about pregnancy

7 OMG-worthy facts about pregnancy

We all know that pregnancy is amazing. But these 11 facts will really surprise you!

All of us know that pregnancy is magical, beautiful, and wonderful. However, you’ll be surprised at these OMG-worthy facts about pregnancy!

1. Babies can be born while still inside the amniotic sac

Yup, in very rare instances, babies can be born while they’re still inside the amniotic sac, and with it fully intact. It happens only once in every 80,000 births, and it’s called a “caul birth.” Truly amazing!

2. There have been people who got pregnant without having sex


No, we’re not talking about immaculate conception here, but it is possible that if a man’s semen gets close enough to a woman’s vagina, the sperm can get inside and swim up, which in some cases can get a woman pregnant.

It’s an extremely rare, and highly unlikely occurrence, but it can happen, given the right circumstances.

3. A woman was “pregnant” for over 60 years

7 OMG-worthy facts about pregnancy

Photo from: wikimedia commons

Estela Melendez, a 91-year-old woman from Chile, was surprised to find out that there was a calcified or hardened fetus called a “lithopedion” that remained undetected in her uterus for over 6 decades. That’s crazy!

4. A baby can be born even if the mother has been declared brain-dead

7 OMG-worthy facts about pregnancy

Photo from: maxpixel.freegreatpicture.com

Karla Perez suffered from an intracranial hemorrhage that left her brain dead when she was only 22 weeks pregnant. However, doctors were able to save her baby, and her child was delivered 54 days later. Amazing!

5. You can get pregnant even if you use an IUD


While IUDs are, for the most part, largely successful when it comes to preventing pregnancies, there are super rare cases wherein women who have IUDs have gotten pregnant. In fact, a literature review found 36 reported cases of women who became pregnant while they had an IUD.

6. A woman once delivered a 13-pound baby without an epidural


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Australian mom, Natashia Corrigan gave birth to her son, Brian Jr. who weighed in at an amazing 13.5 pounds, and she did it without an epidural. Wow!

7. Breastmilk can sometimes be orange or pink for first-time moms

7 OMG-worthy facts about pregnancy

Source: buzzfeed.com

“Rusty pipe syndrome” or when a mother’s breast milk turns orange or pink during her first time breastfeeding, means that the extra blood flow to a mother’s breast can sometimes cause a bit of blood to go into the milk. It might sound morbid, but it’s totally safe, and it usually clears up after a week.

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