An open letter to my unplanned child: You are the best thing that happened to me

An open letter to my unplanned child: You are the best thing that happened to me

By the time that you're old enough to read this, I hope you understand that no matter what happens, you're the best thing that happened to my life.

We felt like our world came crashing down

When your father and I found out that we were going to be parents, the both of us were scared. It felt like our world came crashing down. We were young, foolish, scared and completely unprepared to take care of a child.

I was barely out of my teens when I became pregnant with you. And I'll be honest with you, we thought of having you aborted, but it felt wrong. It wasn't right to deny a child of life just because we were irresponsible. We were going to be parents, and we had to start by being responsible for our actions.

Talking to your grandparents wasn't easy. I remember dad almost punched your father square in the jaw when he heard the news. Good thing mom stepped in to stop him. She wasn't happy with what we did, and she was in tears the entire time, but I knew that part of her was excited to be a grandmother.

You made things better

Your father took the worst of it though. He was only a year older than me, but he hadn't graduated college, so he had to stop studying to find work to provide for us. There were a lot of times when we thought that it would be easier if we just broke up, and we fought a lot during our first year together. But you made things better; because of you, we worked on our problems - we became a family.

I can distinctly remember my mom and my dad's faces when they first saw you. That was the first time I saw your grandfather crying, and he looked funny (don't tell him I said that). Mom was just crying the entire time, she cried a lot, even during the happiest moments of her life.

You helped me get through all the bad times in my life

It sounds strange, but even if I'm your mother, I want you to know that I owe you a lot. You gave me and your father's lives a purpose, and having you in our lives helped keep us together. You came at a time that I was trying to look for meaning in my life, and I realised that it was you.

You helped me get through all the bad times in my life, and you're a part of all of the happiest moments. Your birth might be unplanned, but you're the most amazing surprise that we've had in our lives, and we wouldn't change anything for the world. We love you, and we're glad that you're our child.

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