10 signs you're becoming a paranoid wife

10 signs you're becoming a paranoid wife

Here's how to know when your trust issues are getting the better of you...because we've all been there!

We all get a little bit jealous sometimes. They say it's a natural part of being in a relationship. Some even say it's a good sign, that you care enough about your partner to worry if someone's trying to steal them away. But too much paranoia and inability to trust can cause real, lasting problems in your relationship.

Want To Avoid Becoming a Praning or Paranoid Wife? Watch Out For These Signs!

Sometimes we don't really notice that our jealousy or paranoia is going overboard, so it helps to keep ourselves in check by being taking note of even the simplest habits that could easily turn toxic. 

Here's how to tell if your headed into overly paranoid territory.

1. You HAVE To Know Where He Is...At All Times

You're becoming praning if you can't stand not knowing your husband's whereabouts. Privacy? There's no such thing because you have to be updated about where he is and who he's with.


2. You Panic Text Him When He Doesn't Reply Within Minutes

When he doesn't text or call you back, your mind begins to go into overdrive. So you bombard him with texts and calls. With each unanswered message or call, your suspicion grows and when you do finally get ahold of him, you end up lashing out. 


3. You Check All of His Social Media Accounts for Any Recent Activity

Even though you are in touch with him the whole day you still need to find out what he's doing online. Is he liking or commenting on another woman's posts? What is he sharing? You tend to read too much into even the most random of posts.


4. You Have This Need To Control His Behavior....Offline and Online

Do you get offended when he makes friends outside of your social circle as a couple? It could be signs that you're becoming a paranoid wife.

Whether online or not, you are overcome with the urge to police his behavior.


5. You Demand To Have Access to All His Online Accounts 

Passwords should be fair play in the mind of a paranoid wife. Again, privacy is not an option for your hubby anymore. Even the simplest exchanges with someone else are taken too seriously.


6. You Call Up Co-Workers, Friends, and Relatives if He Doesn't Reply

When he doesn't reply or if you're paranoid side is taking over, you call up his colleagues and even family members to check up on him.


7. You Show Up To "Surprise" Him At Work

Showing up unannounced at his workplace or any social gathering to find out what he really does when you're not around is one sure sign that you're becoming increasingly paranoid. 


8. You Snoop Around on His Gadgets 

You read his messages (of course you have all of his passwords!) and even his photo gallery and contacts just to check for any suspicious behavior.


9.  You're Constantly Suspicious of Others and Are Super Sensitive 

Even the seemingly harmless people in his life are subjects of suspicion. Stray comments that aren't necessarily offensive are taken the wrong way. You're becoming more and more paranoid when you overthink the words and actions of others towards you or your husband.


10. You Tend To Dredge Up Past Fights

Whenever you fight, you dig up past conflicts to hurt your spouse. You have a hard time forgiving and forgetting and tend to dwell on past conflicts. This toxic habits also fuels your suspicions throughout your marriage. 


Do you recognize any of these signs in your behavior, moms? It's not too late to correct praning quirks! The important thing is to be self aware and committed to overcoming these habits to further strengthen and deepen the trust in your marriage.

source: Psychology Today

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