Unforgettable lessons from the 'Master Showman' Kuya Germs

Unforgettable lessons from the 'Master Showman' Kuya Germs

Aside from raising four children, Master Showman Kuya Germs mentored and nurtured many of showbiz' most successful stars.

The passing of Kuya Germs marks the end of an era.

With a career spanning several decades, German Moreno, is one of the last living legends from the 'Golden Era' of show 'biz.

A bona fide starmaker, the master showman was the mastermind who turned teenage idols to household names, launching the careers of many of the industry's most beloved celebrities.

But more then helping them rise to fame, Kuya Germs nurtured and guided them as they maneuvered and thrived in the often crazy world of show 'biz.

When he passed away early Friday, January 8, it was a blow felt throughout the world of showbiz. Many celebrities, who are also parents themselves, took to social media to mourn the loss of their mentor and father figure.

But Kuya Germs did not only leave a lasting legacy in the entertainment industry, he was a big part of every Filipino household who tuned in to his unforgettable shows.

He will surely be missed.

On the next page, we share the lasting lessons we learned from Kuya Germs...

There are many life lessons we can all carry with us as we say goodbye to one of the gems of the Philippine entertainment industry.

Here are a few...

Don't give up on your dreams

Not many people know that he was once a sidewalk vendor, barker, and a waiter. But when he became a janitor and curtain raiser at the Old Clover Theater in Manila.

Working in one of the most prestigious theaters during the golden era of vaudeville, it sparked in him a passion for production and showmanship; he found his calling.

Help other people reach theirs

He discovered and launched the careers of Donna Cruz, Sheryl Cruz, Janno Gibbs,Lea Salonga, Donita Rose, Marilyn Reynes, Isko Moreno, Lotlot de Leon, Dingdong Avanzado, Vina Morales,Judy Anne Santos, and Gladys Reyes.

Be professional

His co-workers at DZBB and GMA all admired his work ethic. He was never absent from his shows, even if he wasn't feeling well.

Loyalty will take you far

He has been with GMA-7 since 1971. In a previous interview, the playful Kuya Germs revealed that he would often joke that he owned the network saying that the acronym stands for "German Moreno and Associates".

Embrace positivity

Show 'biz is fueled by gossip but Kuya Germs steered clear of all of this. He didn't need to create controversy to make stars; honing their talent was enough.

Be diligent

His passion was performing and putting on a good show. Until his last breath, that's what he did.

Don't be afraid to evolve

He not only made a mark on stage but behind the scenes as well. One such instance was when he fashioned the storyline for 'Young Love', one of Guy and Pip's most memorable films.

Stick to what you love

In a recent interview with Rogue, Kuya Germs said with a laugh, “Sabi nila sa ‘kin, ba’t ba di ka pa mag-retire? My god, lalo akong manghihina. I started on the stage, I will die on the stage.”

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