Parenting tips for toddlers: Never bribe your child!

Parenting tips for toddlers: Never bribe your child!

Dealing with a toddler can be so tiring that sometimes you bribe them to stop misbehaving. Here are some parenting tips for toddlers to avoid doing that.

parenting tips for toddlers

Are you an “I’ll do if you do” parent? If so, you are guilty of bribery–plain and simple. And just so you know, bribery is an emotional crime with serious consequences.

Why do parents bribe their children?

Parents bribe their children for a number of reasons–none of which are good. Parents bribe their children because:

  • They have lost control of their children
  • They are trying to avoid public embarrassment
  • They use bribery as a form of discipline
  • They want to be their child’s friend/peer instead of their parent
  • They were bribed children themselves and don’t know any other way
  • They are too lazy or scared to hold their children to a higher standard of obedience and respect because obedience and respect are a child’s duty to their parents

How do parents bribe their children

Parents bribe their children using a variety of methods. Some of the more common forms of parental bribery include:

  • Material possessions. Parents will bribe their children with shoes, clothing, phones, and more.
  • Attention. Sadly, parents bribe their children with promises of time together as a way to get their children to do or say something. This is especially common in cases when parents are divorced or in the process of getting one and fighting for custody.
  • Love. Parents sometimes use their love as a bribe to get their children to act or be a certain way.

The dangers of bribery

It’s a sad thing in my opinion that I even have to be talking about this, but life is life, so let’s get to it. Shame on parents who bribe their children in an effort to discipline them (or for any other reason)! To bribe a child:

  • Is to put a value on their life
  • Is to put limits and qualifiers on your love
  • Is to teach that their value comes in what they do, how they look or what they know–not because they are themselves
  • Is to send the message that you never do anything without expecting something in return
  • Is to fail at disciplining your child

Discipline without bribery

The goal and purpose of discipline is to teach a child the right way to live and treat others. To do so without bribery is possible and should be the goal of every parent. Parents who feel the need to bribe their children as a means of discipline seriously need to consider parenting classes both for their benefit and the benefit of their children.

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