What can parents do if their child is behind in school?

What can parents do if their child is behind in school?

Sometimes, kids just need a little push to help get them to do better in school. Here are some useful tips for moms and dads!

So you noticed that your child is a bit lagging behind in school compared to their peers. Well, fret not moms and dads, here are some tips to help your child get back on track!

1. Know the root of the problem

Being lazy isn't always the root cause of bad grades, though laziness can be a product of something else. It's important for parents to observe how their kids learn, and how they study. Maybe their study area isn't conducive to learning.

It's also good to know if your child has a problem that is interfering with their grades. Maybe they're distracted by something, a bully in school perhaps. Maybe they need to wear eyeglasses, or perhaps they have problems when it comes to focusing on a task, or perhaps they have attention deficit issues.

As a parent, pinpointing the exact reason why your child has problems learning is very important. If you need to talk to a psychiatrist to help address these issues, then you should do so.

2. Study smart!

It's important to teach your kids to be efficient when it comes to their study habits. Maybe they are getting too tired because they're not studying efficiently, hence they're struggling with school since they lack sleep.

Work with your child to figure out a studying method or style that works best for them, and stick to it!

3. Give them a study schedule

Giving your child a reasonable study schedule is important since it helps give them a routine that they can follow. Once you've figured out an efficient way for your child to study, then you can create a study schedule for them so that they can manage their time wisely, and still have some free time for themselves.

Researchers have found that studying in 20 minute 'blocks' works better than studying for hours on end, so try to keep that in mind when creating a schedule for your child.

4. Keep them motivated

Motivation is by far the most important thing that your child needs when it comes to studying. Being motivated to study and have good grades in school can do a lot when it comes to improving your child's grades.

Keep them motivated by showing them that you believe in their ability, and keep pushing them to always try and do their best in everything that they do.

5. Don't get mad at them

Some kids just don't get honors in school. However, that doesn't mean that they're not smart, or bad in school. People have different areas that they excel in, and your child might have a different field of expertise that they're good in.

Don't immediately get mad or lecture your child if you don't see a significant improvement in their grades. The important thing is that you see your child trying, working hard, and learning along the way. Those are the most important traits that they need to acquire in order to succeed later on in life.

Source: dailyparent.comoxfordlearning.com

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