Parents suspect DOH vaccines caused daughter’s critical condition

Parents suspect DOH vaccines caused daughter’s critical condition

Does this change your stance on vaccinations?

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A couple is in disbelief over the fate of their 12-year-old daughter, who landed in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) a week after receiving anti-tetanus and anti-measles vaccines from the Department of Health (DOH), according to ANC.

The mother of the girl recounted that her daughter couldn’t move her arm and neck. Before collapsing, the girl said she was dying then bid her mother farewell.

Health Secretary Janette Garin, however, explained that the girl’s condition did not seem it was caused by the vaccinations. The DOH assures everyone that the vaccines, which are certified by the World Health Organization (WHO), are safe.

Garin suspects that the girl’s encephalitis, an inflammation of the brain due to an allergic reaction or infection, was caused by a viral infection.

Despite this, DOH will help the family with their medical bills.

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