Patrick Garcia and wife Nikka are expecting baby number 3!

Patrick Garcia and wife Nikka are expecting baby number 3!

Following a heartbreaking miscarriage, the couple have now shared the happy news that they are expecting a new addition to the family!

Back in March 2017, Nikka Martinez-Garcia shared how her "heart was shattered into pieces" after suffering a miscarriage. Now, just three months later, the mom of two shared the happy news that they're expecting their third child, or who they fondly called "Baby Garcia 3." The couple have two lovely daughters: Chelsea, 4 and Patrice, 1.

"They say that a baby that comes after a miscarriage is called a rainbow baby...." she had written following her miscarriage. Now, she and husband Patrick feel "beyond blessed to be given another beautiful miracle."

In her post's caption, Nikka wrote that the pregnancy was "unexpected but wholeheartedly wanted."

Continuing, she called her third pregnancy, "a privilege to be parents the third time around...See you later this year our rainbow baby! I love you so much already!"

"Excited for our new blessing!" gushed the soon to be dad of four. (He has a son named Jazz with previous partner Jennylyn Mercado.)

Nikka, who is a blogger and stay-at-home mom, joins fellow celebrity moms Mariel Rodriguez and Neri Naig, who have all welcomed rainbow babies of their own following a miscarriage.

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