Patrick Garcia's wife Nikka's classy response to basher's insults and threats

Patrick Garcia's wife Nikka's classy response to basher's insults and threats

Despite the disturbing insults and threats she received from an online basher, Nikka remained positive and even wished her hater the best. Check out her awesome response, here!

Full-time mom and homemaker Nikka Garcia could teach a masterclass on how to handle cyberbullying in the most dignified way possible.

After being married to actor and businessman Patrick Garcia for over a year now, it seems not everyone is happy about their union.

On September 5, Nikka shared a series of screenshots on Instagram of messages from a hostile basher. The series of lewd messages and alarming threats were sent through private messages on Facebook.

screengrab: Nikka Garcia Instagram

Aside from insulting her looks as well as her kids', the basher also accused her of being useless and having no conscience. The netizen also threatened her with physical violence.


A photo posted by Nikka Martinez Garcia ✨ (@nikkamgarcia) on

The basher also went on to make harsh comparisons between Nikka and Patrick's ex-girlfriend Jennylyn Mercado, with whom he has a son.

My piece of heaven! All about the dedication of our cherub now up on my blog!???? #nikkagarciablog #prettypatrice

A photo posted by Nikka Martinez Garcia ✨ (@nikkamgarcia) on

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The hater also accused Nikka of stealing Patrick from Jennylyn.

Goodnight everyone! Stay safe and dry!!!❤️

A video posted by Nikka Martinez Garcia ✨ (@nikkamgarcia) on

Despite the disturbing messages, Nikka responded by posting it and writing a message of faith in the caption. "Lord, I am secure with you," she wrote. "Please continue to strengthen me when people try to cause pain and anger." She also added that the messages were actually longer than what she posted. "I try to understand how someone can be so hateful. I wish them all the best nevertheless. God bless you more!"

Nikka and Patrick have two lovely daughters Chelsea and Patrice, who isn't even a year old.

Fans and followers commended her for how dignified she handled this onslaught of hate and threatening messages.

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Contrary to what the basher is implying, Nikka and Jennylyn are on good terms. Nikka even wrote about reaching out to Jennylyn. A quick scan of both of their Instagram accounts is enough to know that they are making an effort for their kids, who are siblings, to be in each other's lives.

Nikka has since erased the post of the basher's messages.

My loves!!!! Gah! So inlove with you three???? #prettypatrice #chelseawelsy

A photo posted by Nikka Martinez Garcia ✨ (@nikkamgarcia) on

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