Pinoy dad got Obama to do the pabebe wave!

Pinoy dad got Obama to do the pabebe wave!

The photo has been shared 2,717 times and has received 5,709 likes on Twitter!

US president Barack Obama gave AlDub fans something to tweet about when he posed for a twofie with BRP Gregorio del Pilar's commanding officer Capt. Vincent Sibala. The photo was shared by Sibala's daughter Nicole - and 13 hours since it was posted, the Tweet has been retweeted 2,717 times and received 5,709 likes.

The Tweet has even received coverage from major news groups. Here's one from GMA news TV anchor Raffy Tima:

According to Nicole, her dad's the bigger AlDub fan between the two of them:

Here's the epic Barack Obama pabebe wave that's going viral. Feel free to retweet!

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