Man spends 20 years planting a beautiful garden for his blind wife

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It was truly a labor of love which proved that true love blooms in adversity

In what could only be described as an ultimate labor of love, an elderly Japanese man spent two decades of his life planting a garden just so his visually impaired wife could smell flowers. 

Toshiyuki Kuroki and Yasuko Kuroki, both dairy farmers, have been married for 60 years.

They led simple lives which was mostly spent tending to their cows and rearing their three children. They looked forward to a trip around the country once they retire.

But sadly, Yasuko lost her eyesight due to the diabetes complications 30 years ago.

This was a devastating blow to the couple, reports RocketNews24.

Naturally, this hit Yasuko worst of all. She fell into depression and became reclusive. Toshiyuki wanted her to find joy in life again.

The idea of planting a garden for her came when he noticed people admiring the pink shibazakura flowers which grew near their house.

garden for his blind wife

So he quit being a dairy farmer and focus on gardening. He began planting more of these beautiful blooms to attract more visitors to cheer her up.

garden for his blind wife

The sweet scent of the flowers never fails to brighten her day. Soon, the blooms began to blanket the area around their home.

The garden, which is open to the public, attracts thousands of visitors each year.

Some of these visitors even get a chance to meet the Kurokis and hear their story which is a true testament that true love blooms, even in adversity.

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