Pope Francis: The Healing Pope?

Pope Francis: The Healing Pope?

Many families are claiming that Pope Francis has healed their children.

Parents of 1-year-old Gianna Masciantonio of Philadelphia, USA claim that their daughter's tumor was partially healed after she received a kiss from Pope Francis.

The advances of modern technology are providing more solutions to previously hopeless medical conditions. However, there are still cases that have very limited treatment options. When baby Gianna's blood cells attacked her brain stem shortly after she was born, a rare and inoperable tumor formed. Doctors told her parents to go home and enjoy the remaining weeks or months she had with them.

They never gave up hope

But few parents allow themselves to give up on their child, no matter how dire the diagnosis. Kristen, Gianna's mother, had a dream about her baby meeting the pontiff. So when an FBI friend told them about an opportunity to see the pope during his US visit, she insisted that they take the chance.

That the Swiss Guard would lift their daughter up for the pope to kiss was already something that they considered to be a blessing. Imagine their response when the MRI after the papal visit revealed that the tumor had significantly shrunk.

Another 'healing miracle'

Another miracle was also attributed to Pope Francis during his US visit. Back in June, 12-year-old Julia Bruzesse found herself suddenly paralyzed and wheelchair-bound. Unfortunately, doctors could not treat her disease because blood tests were resulting in negatives. It was only after Julia's encounter with the pope that Lyme disease was detected in her blood, even though it was a test that she had already taken before. With proper diagnosis, Julia has faith that she will be cured and hopes she will regain her ability to walk.

After all, another family claims to have also benefited from a miracle by Pope Francis. The Cassidy family traveled to Rome to witness the canonization of John Paul II and John XXIII. Their daughter, Ave, who was born with Down Syndrome and two holes in her heart, also received a kiss from the pope. A month later, her cardiologist discovered that one hole had completely closed and the other one was half the size.

Pope Francis drew a record-breaking crowd when he visited the Philippines early this year. The beloved leader of the Catholic Church has been praised for his simplicity, spontaneity and random acts of compassion for the marginalized. Sadly, one 3-year-old child that he blessed when he met with families at the Mall of Asia Arena died a week after their encounter.

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