8 Powerful lessons from Professor Snape

8 Powerful lessons from Professor Snape

Every Harry Potter fan's favorite anti-hero left us with life-changing wisdom that has left a little magic in all of our lives.

Many Harry Potter fans are still reeling from the sudden passing of Alan Rickman, the actor behind the silky-voiced Professor Snape.

Many parents and young adults today who grew up with the Harry Potter series know that the anti-hero was an integral part of Harry's story.

Severus Snape's journey from being the most disliked to one of the most beloved characters in both the novels and the films has left us with many lasting lessons which we can impart to our own kids.

Be disciplined

Though Snape had a reputation of being a "terror teacher", one thing could not be denied: he was excellent at what he did. Even if he couldn't wait to stop teaching the subject Potions, he did his duty excellently and demanded nothing less than the best.

Don't work for applause

In the 'Half-blood Prince', we see into Snape's past as a talented student who didn't crave validation. He worked quietly and let his good work be his applause.

There's more to people than meets the eye

This was proven by one of the story's most memorable twists: that Snape has, in fact, been watching over Harry since his infancy because of his secret, unrequited love for his mom, Lily.

People can change

Though Snape started out as a Death Eater, he quickly became one of the good guys. Although it was because of the tragic loss of Lily Potter, he turned heartbreak into something worthwhile and devoted his life for the greater good.

On the next page, we reflect on more life-changing lessons Professor Snape left us with

Be loyal

He stood by Dumbledore and obeyed his wishes even when it hurt. Even if it pained him to have to kill Dumbledore to prove his loyalty to Voldemort, he did so out of respect and loyalty.

Make sacrifices for the ones you love

Even if it meant letting Harry think he was a bad guy, Snape just kept secretly helping him fulfil his destiny.

Don't let others choose your path

Even when he wanted to be a Death Eater, he didn't let his background of being half a wizard stop him from pursuing his goal.

In the end, it was for love alone that he was remembered and the boy who lived learned what love meant through Snape's selfless love for his late mother, Lily.

Love is always worth it

Even if he died a tragic death at the hands of Voldemort, someone who he once served, he was able to redeem himself by showing Harry the truth.

He had such a lasting impact on Harry that when Harry became a father, he named his son Severus, who he considers the bravest man he's ever known.

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