Jumping while Pregnant

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Wanting to be fit while pregnant is encouraged, however, jumping while pregnant is not an advisable form of exercise.

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Jumping while Pregnant

Exercising during pregnancy may seem like an uphill task but it is extremely important. For women who worry about the changing shape of their body, exercising is especially important. It has also been suggested that women who exercise during their pregnancy, have a shorter labor and give birth relatively easily.

In fact, with exercising you will be able to get back to your pre pregnancy weight rather easily. However, jumping is not advisable in any form of exercise. Women, who are pregnant, have different sets of exercises and should be guided by a trainer or a specialist. Even the simple cardio exercises are different for women who are pregnant. This is because jumping while exercising may cause pressure on the uterus. It may also cause injury to the fetus, apart from the great discomfort that it will certainly cause you.

Keeping fit during pregnancy should include a good healthy diet and light exercises that emphasize more on stretching than anything else.

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