Spotting After Sex during Pregnancy

Spotting After Sex during Pregnancy

Spotting After Sex during Pregnancy though alarming is quite normal. Read on to find out more.

Pregnancy concerns on spotting

Learn how to deal with pregnancy concerns regarding spotting

Spotting After Sex during Pregnancy

It can be very alarming to have spotting after sex during pregnancy. This, however, is completely normal. You may in fact experience spotting even when you have not had intercourse. The vagina’s mucus membrane becomes extremely sensitive during pregnancy, as blood comes very close to the surface. When you have sex, the penis rubs against the vaginal walls, causing a small amount of spotting in some cases. This mild spotting does not harm the pregnancy and no medications are required to manage it. However, if you bleed heavily, it may be due to something more serious and you will have to visit your obstetrician.

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