Preschool Activities: Fun ocean sensory activities!

Preschool Activities: Fun ocean sensory activities!

Preschool Activities: One of the best ways for a child to learn is through sensory play. Let your child learn about the ocean while engaging his senses!


Preschool Activities: Fun ocean sensory activities!

One of the best ways for a child to learn is through sensory play. It is easier for the child to process and retain information when they engage their sense, so why not apply this when teaching them about certain things? Case in point, let them learn about the ocean through sensory play! Here's a list of activities that you can let your children dabble with while teaching them a thing or two about life under and above the sea!

1. Let your little one have fun at the "beach" with this Baby/Toddler Beach Sensory Bin with Edible Sand!

preschool activities

2. Make an Ocean in a Bottle with 3 simple ingredients! Quick, fun and easy to make!

ocean in a bottle

3. If you’ve got a house full of girls, then this activity is definitely for you! Let them channel their inner Ariel and help them come up with this adorable Mermaid’s Lagoon.

ocean mermaids lagoon

4. Let your kids free play and build their own underwater world with this great clay activity: Ocean Themed Modelling Clay Activity for Kids

ocean ocean themed modelling clay

5. Give this Sand Play Dough a try and watch how much fun your tot or grade schooler will have while forming shapes out of their “sand”.

ocean sand play dough

6. Let your child explore life underwater with this science experiment that's easy to set up and that doesn't cost a thing: Icey Ocean Sensory Play And Ice Melt

ocean sensory play ice melt

7. Let your child discover life on the ocean floor with this Ocean Floor Discovery Bin!

ocean sensory play

8. Got 5 minutes to spare? Then you’ve definitely got time to whip up this Fizzing Ocean World with ingredients you can find in your kitchen and trinkets from your toy box.

ocean simple small worlds

9. Keep your kids busy with this Soapy Sea Foam activity that’s sure to teach them a thing or two about the ocean and that’ll help beat the heat!

preschool activities

10. There's nothing better than being a kid and getting to stick your hand into a tub of slime! Keep the ocean theme rolling with this Ocean Slime Recipe!



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