Quiz: How much do you know about child safety?

Quiz: How much do you know about child safety?

How can you be sure about your child's safety? Take this quiz to find out if you know about child safety and how to keep your child safe!

How well do you know your child's safety?

We all want to ensure that our kids are always safe and secure, even if we're not there to watch them. But how well do you know the potential risks that your child might encounter every day?

Which of these is a leading cause of injury and death among children below the age of five?

Home-related accidents.

Car accidents.

Violent crime.

In which of these types of containers should you never store poisonous materials?

Food containers.

Unmarked boxes.

Labeled boxes.

Where is the best place to store poisonous materials in your home?

As far out of the way as possible.

Inside your cabinet.

In the bathroom.

During the winter holidays, many people decorate the home with which of these poisonous items?

Pine cones.


Christmas balls

Which of these exotic ingredients is actually poisonous?




If you have young children, you should set the hot water in your home to what temperature?

98 degrees.

120 degrees.

250 degrees.

What is a good way to keep kids away from dangerous kitchen utensils?

Keep the kitchen locked at all times.

Don't buy any dangerous kitchen utensils.

Use child-proof latches.

Which way should you turn the handles of pots and pans in use on the stove?




Jewelry poses what sort of danger to infants?

They can choke on small jewelry.

The sharp edges can cut their skin.

Infants can lose your jewelry.

A sleeping infant should never be given which of these?

A pillow

A teething ring.

A mobile phone.

What is the most dangerous room in any house?



Living room.

In the bathroom that your children use, you should mark which of these?

The shower plug.

The cold water knob.

The hot water knob.

To prevent injury you should modify the sharp corners of your furniture in what way?

Buy furniture with rounded corners.

Attach soft bumpers to the edges and corners of your furniture.

Use sandpaper to round off the corners.

Fireplaces should be equipped with which of these safety features?

A fire extinguisher.

An off button.

A barrier and screen.

Every floor of a home should have at least one of which of these important items?

A phone.

A fire extinguisher.

A smoke detector.

The screen you use to keep your children away from the fireplace should be made of what material?




How should you ensure the safety of kids with medical conditions?

They should always bring with them medical information.

They should bring a cellphone with them.

They should not be allowed to play on their own.

What is one of the most important lessons any child can ever learn?

Never talk to strangers.

Look both ways before crossing the street.

Go home once it gets dark.

When riding a bicycle, you must insist that your children wear which of these?

A helmet.


Riding gloves.

Children should be taught never to provide which of these pieces of information over the phone?

Children should not reveal that they are home alone.

Children should not reveal their age.

Children should not reveal their social security number.

You know very little about child safety.

There are a lot of resources online that can help you learn more about child safety, such as this quiz! Make sure to try and research more about your child's safety so that you can better be prepared in the future.

You know a few things about child safety.

You know a few facts about child safety here and there, but you still need to brush up on your skills!

Congratulations! You know a lot about child safety.

It's good that you know a lot about how to keep your child safe. Keep at it, and teach other people about it as well!

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