Quiz: What is your toddler’s personality?

Quiz: What is your toddler’s personality?

Knowing your toddler's personality can give you a better insight on what makes your toddler tick and would also help you understand their behavior better.

What personality does your toddler have?

Not all toddlers act the same, some toddlers are very hyperactive, some are pretty quiet, and others are a mix of both. Here's a quiz to find out what personality your toddler has!

You have a calm toddler!

Calm toddlers are usually relaxed and easy to take care of. They rarely have tantrums, but whenever they have one, it's relatively easy to handle.
You can take calm toddlers almost anywhere, and they won't have any problems adapting to their surroundings or meeting a lot of different people.

You have a textbook toddler!

Textbook toddlers are fairly easy to take care of. They do everything on cue, so there's really not a lot of surprises when it comes to textbook toddlers.
The development of textbook toddlers is usually on point and you can easily track their progress. They'll also have regular growth spurts, they can play alone by themselves, and easy to put to sleep.
Just like other toddlers, textbook toddlers can also have tantrums, but they can easily be calmed down.

You have a sensitive toddler!

Sensitive toddlers are just that, sensitive. They can easily be startled by loud noises such as barking dogs or car horns. They also can get quite fussy if they're around a lot of different people for an extended period of time. Small changes in their daily schedule can also tick them off, and can lead to tantrums.
The best way to take care of sensitive toddlers would be to reassure them that you're there to take care of them and protect them. Try to learn how your toddler responds to different things to know more about how to better take care of them.

You have an energetic toddler!

Just like their namesake, energetic toddlers are full of energy! Energetic toddlers love to run around and play, and they also love to talk. These toddlers can be a handful to take care of, as they're always moving around and are very active.
Putting them to sleep can also be a chore, as they won't readily take naps without a fight. Like other toddlers, they also have tantrums and can be pretty hard to calm down, given their nature.

You have a grumpy toddler!

Grumpy toddlers can be quite a handful. They easily throw tantrums, and they're very irritable. They also tend to shy away from meeting new people, and that can cause them to throw tantrums.
Putting grumpy toddlers to sleep can be a bit harder than usual, since they're very much against sleeping especially if they still want to play. Grumpy toddlers need a little more extra cared compared to other toddlers, but they are just as wonderful (when they're not throwing tantrums that is).

When your toddler wakes up in the morning, what's the first thing they do?

They usually just wake up quietly and wait for me to come in their room.

They usually sit up and look around.

If I'm in the room, they're pretty calm. However if they wake up and I'm not there, they start looking for me or they cry.

I usually find them either crying if I'm not in the room, or they're already playing.

My toddler usually starts to whimper and then starts crying loudly if I don't go into their room.

My toddler is friendly towards:


People I introduce them to.

Mostly people that my toddler is with daily. He's very shy around strangers.

My toddler is friendly towards everyone, and they're usually playing with other toddlers or looking for playmates.

My toddler is pretty shy, and if there's a stranger that she's not comfortable with, she throws a tantrum.

After coming home from a trip, my toddler usually:

Settles back pretty quickly, and immediately.

Takes a couple of hours to get back into his regular habits at home.

My toddler can be a bit fussy, so we have to make her feel comfortable when we get home.

My toddler can get energetic, so after a long trip, he's usually restless, but he calms down after a bit.

My toddler usually throws a tantrum when we get home, so we need to be extra careful.

The most distinct thing about my toddler is:

My toddler is pretty well-behaved.

My toddler is developing right on schedule.

My toddler is pretty sensitive, but she's very wonderful.

My toddler just loves running around and playing. She never seems to run out of steam!

My baby can be a bit grouchy, but other than that, he's a wonderful kid.

If I were to describe my baby in one word, I'd say that my baby is:






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