Quiz: Which types of food are best for you and your family?

Quiz: Which types of food are best for you and your family?

Knowing which types of food are best for you and your family should be a top priority. Good nutrition goes a long way in keeping your family fit and healthy.

Which types of food are best for you and your family?

Eating healthy isn't as easy as it used to be, especially since people keep getting busier, and the allure of ready-to-eat processed food makes it hard to resist. Still, you always have to make sure that you and your family are eating healthy, even if it takes a little extra effort.

Which is better for the heart?

Chicken Breast

Extra Lean Ground Beef

Which has fewer calories?

A baked potato.

Brown rice.

Both have the same amount per serving.

Which has more sugar?

Vanilla Ice Cream

Frozen Yogurt

They have the same amount of sugar.

What's a better choice for a healthy sandwich?


Deli ham

They're the same.

Which is healthier?

Raw Sugar

White Sugar

They're about the same.

Which is a healthier choice?

Whole wheat english muffin.

Whole wheat bagel.

Which is better for your family?

Instant oatmeal.

Regular oatmeal.

Which has less sugar?

Apple Juice

Orange Juice

Which is healthier?



Which one is healthier?

Vegetarian baked beans

Baked beans with bacon

They are the same.


It seems like you might need to rethink your food choices. Knowing the best types of food to keep your family healthy is important to their overall wellness.

Pretty good!

You're pretty knowledgable when it comes to healthy food. However, there's always a lot of things that you can still learn.

Great job!

You know a lot of things about healthy food. Keep it up!

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