Quiz: What type of mom are you?

Quiz: What type of mom are you?

Moms come in all shapes and sizes, each with their own unique personality, but have you ever wondered what type of mom you are? Take the quiz to find out.

What type of mom are you?

All moms have their own unique personalities and nuances and they're all equally amazing. But have you ever wondered what type of mom you are? Take this quiz to find out!

The Tiger Mom.

The Awesome Everyday Mom.

The Techie Mom.

The Healthy Mom.

The Zen Mom.

You're going to be hosting a play date for the kids in your neighborhood. What's your game plan?

I made a list of productive learning activities for the kids. I also prepared an hourly schedule that everyone should strictly adhere to.

I'm planning to let the kids have a Disney movie marathon the entire day. I also prepared mac and cheese for their snacks and milk and cookies for dessert!

Learning should be interactive, so I downloaded some educational games on my Ipad for the kids to play.

I've prepared some outdoor activities for the kids to keep them fit. I also prepared veggie sticks, some fruit, and chocolate soy milk as snacks!

I'll just let the kids do what they want. You're only a kid once, so they should experience having a wonderful childhood.

Do you have pets in your home?

No. Pets are hard to take care of, and I want my children to focus on their education.

Yes, me and my husband love dogs, so we're trying to spread that to our children.

We have a roomba. Does that count as a pet?

Yes, but since I'm worried about my kids having allergies, we have a dog that doesn't shed its fur.

Yes, we have an aquarium full of fish. It's very relaxing to just watch the fish swim around.

What stresses you out?

I get stressed out if my children don't follow the rules or if they have bad grades.

The usual stuff, dealing with naughty kids, doing the chores etc. But I manage.

I get stressed out if I forgot to charge my phone or if the internet goes down.

I get stressed out if I'm not able to do my morning exercises.

Nothing stresses me out really. It's all a matter of perspective.

What's your daily outfit?

I firmly believe in Power Dressing, regardless of what I'm doing, or where I'm going.

Uh, shirts and jeans I guess. If it's too hot outside I wear shorts.

Anything's fine really. I'm mostly in the house anyway so I don't have to dress for anything.

It depends on what exercises I'm doing for the day.

Anything's cool with me, so long as they're comfortable and they fit well.

After a long day of taking care of your family, what do you usually do to relieve stress?

To destress, I read up online on tips on how to make my children better in school, or anything similar.

All I need is a glass of wine and a nice warm bath to wash away the stress of the day.

I usually just go online and chat with my friends on social media. I also check out stuff on Instagram or my Snapchat.

I do yoga to destress. Sometimes I also exercise just to sweat it all out.

I meditate to keep myself centered and ready for the next day.

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