Raising Scarlet Snow: Vicki Belo talks about raising daughter normally

Raising Scarlet Snow: Vicki Belo talks about raising daughter normally

Vicki Belo recently talks about raising Scarlet Snow in the best way that they can, despite living under the public eye.

Vicki Belo’s daughter Scarlet Snow Belo-Kho recently turned three years old on March 3, Saturday. It’s another milestone that made Vicki talk about raising Scarlet Snow.

Vicki said she felt that it wasn’t that long ago when she unwittingly announced her birth to the public.

On the news of her birth

“You have to understand that this is unchartered territory for us. When Scarlet was born, everyone was telling us to announce her to the public,” Vicki said of her daughter’s birth.

“(Journalist) Ricky Lo was someone I trusted with the story even before Scarlet was born and I really am thankful that he never printed it but the point was we really know how to make people know,” Vicki goes on.

“It’s not that we didn’t want people to know. All our friends knew. Feeling namin doctor lang naman kaming dalawa, bakit kami mag-a-announce hindi naman kami artista? Hindi rin naman kami politician so quiet lang kami,” Vicki shared during Scarlet Snow’s event last March 2. Red Ribbon recently launched Scarlet Snow as the new Red Ribbon brand ambassador.

A typical day in the Belo-Kho household

The happy mom said a typical day in the Belo-Kho household begins and ends with their little girl. After all, raising Scarlet Snow is everything for them.

“A typical day is she sleeps with us. I usually go to yoga in the morning but it’s hard for me to go now kasi she’ll say, ‘Our family is not complete, Mommy!’ She goes to play school. Then she comes home and then she sleeps. We have so many lessons for her,” Vicki says, on raising Scarlet Snow.

A big part of raising Scarlet Snow is quality education, Vicki says.

“She starts with Chinese Mandarin, she has swimming, she has gymnastics, she has reading class, piano, voice lessons. She enjoys it naman,” she says.

Raising Scarlet Snow

It’s not just Vicki raising Scarlet Snow. Her dad, Hayden, is very much a part of it.

“The best thing is really time with daddy. Her daddy is the best storyteller in the world. We want her to be totally normal, as far as we can make her normal,” she said.

As one of the most popular celebrity babies on social media, Vicki says part of raising Scarlet Snow is they don’t always dress her up in high-end, branded clothing.

“The other days we’re totally not into making her a stylish baby. She really uses local clothes as her dusters or everyday clothes. So we don’t want to spoil her at all. We don’t want her to feel ‘special.’ We want her to feel special because we love her, but we don’t want her to feel na star (siya) or whatever,” she says.

Growing under the public eye

She admits that raising Scarlet Snow under the public eye is difficult. Because she’s easily recognizable, Vicki says they hardly go out in public in Metro Manila.

“We think it’s very hard. People also sometimes don’t realize she’s only a baby. So of course I’ve been with stars all my life and I’ve seen how they take pictures into the face and they do that to Scarlet so parang it’s medyo traumatic for her because she doesn’t know what’s going on,” Vicki says.

“So what we do is we usually go to friend’s houses and that’s where she plays. We go abroad a lot. In Japan hardly anybody knew who she was. So she was able to run around like a normal child,” Vick goes on.

“We bring her to school that’s mostly foreigners, mostly Koreans, Japanese, Russians. So hindi nila kilala kung sino si Scarlet so they treat her like anybody. Hindi niya talaga alam,” she explained.


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