Rajo Laurel creates the perfect onesie for Filipino babies

Rajo Laurel creates the perfect onesie for Filipino babies

Philips AVENT, a world’s leading mother and childcare brand, unveiled its new collaboration Rajo Laurel. He is one of Philippine’s leading fashion designers that play inspiration to mothers nationwide. In the second year of their partnership, they launched a fun and colorful onesie for Filipino babies. The garment is perfect for little ones from six to twelve months. 

Maite Uy, Business Development Manager of Philips Personal Health also added how this collaboration worked flawlessly. “We Filipina moms have always been inspired by the works of Rajo, as he has always been passionate about elevating conventional clothes.”

Rajo Laurel x Philips Avent

“Being a leader in the childcare category with more than twenty-five years of experience, this second collaboration with Rajo is a source of pride and joy because we know that the result of this partnership will enable Filipina moms to dress their kids in a fun, colorful and fashionable way,” she added. 

Rajo X Philips Avent Year 2! 

“What I hope to gain from this partnership with Philips AVENT is that I want to see smiles. I want to see the joy of the family celebrating this new addition to the family. I want to experience and to see, and for them to experience and to see as they put the onesie on the child – the joy, the smile, the celebration that I was feeling when I was designing this,” says Rajo Laurel.

Rajo Laurel creates the perfect onesie for Filipino babies

Mothers can now get the limited edition Rajo! x Philips AVENT onesie free with a single receipt minimum purchase of PHP 3,500. This applies to any of Philips AVENT products in all leading baby stores nationwide until supplies last.

How feeding contributes to a healthy future

Rajo Laurel creates the perfect onesie for Filipino babies

Aside from this partnership, Philips AVENT has been listening, learning and innovating in partnership with parents. The brand truly emphasizes its mission to help give babies the best start in life. To fit parents and babies' unique needs, Philips AVENT has launched two new innovations:

  • Anti-Colic Bottle: Formerly the Philips AVENT Classic+ Bottle, the newly named Anti-Colic bottle solves parents' colic concerns with a built-in valve to vent air away from the baby's tummy. Clinically proven to reduce colic and discomfort, the Philips AVENT Anti-colic bottle results in 60% less fussing. 
  • AirFreeTM vent: Its unique AirFree vent is designed to help babies swallow less air as they drink by keeping the teat full of milk during feeding. It helps reduce the amount of air that baby ingests. It also helps with common feeding issues such as colic, reflux, and gas. 

To find more about Philips AVENT, visit www.philips.com.ph

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