Shocking! Adopted boy raped by fathers for pornography

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A heinous act of exploitation of an adopted boy raped since the age of one for pornography.

The Daily Mail reported that a dual American-Australian citizen Mark J. Newton, 42, and his partner Peter Truong, 36, adopted a Russian boy for S$10,241 only to use him as a sex object.

Perverted people like these are popping out from every corner of the world, and child abuse cases it seems, can never be put to be a stop. In fact, they just get worse and worst. What comes next in this article will surely leave you sick to the stomach.

Adopted boy raped by his fathers since one

It doesn’t get any better. The two men appeared as a devoted couple, and doting parents to their beloved son. Little did anyone suspect, they had been exploiting him behind closed doors and sharing perverse videos of his sexual abuse on the internet.

The boy was raped by his fathers since the age of one and was filmed for child pornography on men’s networks. This heinous act of exploitation simply transgresses all bounds of morality.

The two men went to great lengths to adopt the Russian boy from his mother, falsifying papers to certify Newton as the biological father of the child. The mother was a supposed surrogate. The boy, now eight years of age, had been raped by his fathers for years and brainwashed into thinking that these sexual acts are normal.

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Mugshot of Mark J Newton, 42, one of the fathers who was later taken into custody by the police. | Image courtesy: SEVEN/ screengrab

Caught on tape

Australia’s ABC News reported that the Russian boy had been living with his fathers in Cairns for several years. In 2011, clips of his abuse were discovered on a New Zealand man’s computer when New Zealand authorities did some investigation.

After evading detection for six long years, this chance discovery finally brought the two men to justice. The police managed to find a ‘mountain of material’ that revealed the child’s exploitation when they raided their Australian home, but the family of three had already left for the United States.

The police finally arrested Peter and Mark from their California house in 2012. Authorities also rescued the boy and placed him  in their care in California.

Mark is sentenced to at least 40 years of imprisonment. He will also  pay S$512,080 for the boy’s reinstitution, while his partner Peter is currently waiting for his sentence.

The pornography was uploaded onto Boys Lovers Network, a network known to police as a forum for grown pedophile men to describe their sexual abuse with boys between the ages of two to ten.

These disturbing fornications were also declared as consensual acts of love between boys and men. had over 70,000 members across the world; out of which, the police has arrested 670.


Newton initially claimed that he started sexually abusing his adopted son when he was between the ages of four to six. But evidence proved otherwise. He was reportedly raping the boy ever since he was less than two years.

Newton stood before U.S. State District Judge, Sarah Evans Barker and apologized. He said “Being a father was an honor and a privilege that amounted to the best six years of my life… I’m deeply sorry.”

In response, Barker replied, “Words don’t help. What can be said? What can be done to erase some of the horror of this?”

Judge Barker did not put the trial by jury. That’s because she felt that the evidence was way too horrifying for people to witness.

More dirty secrets

Authorities also found out that the crimes occurred in Australia, France, the U.S. and Germany. After digging through the abusers’ stash of pornography, they discovered that there were other victims—two more boys.

Evidence also revealed that at least eight other guys sexually abused the boy as well.

Revised laws

Russian president Vladimir Putin signed a bill that limits foreigners who recognised same-sex marriage from adopting Russian children. According to him, adoption should guarantee children harmonious homes so as to ensure that they received good upbringing.


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