Mom accuses daughter of lying about being raped by her father

Mom accuses daughter of lying about being raped by her father

Mom has testified in court that her daughter lied about being raped by her father, "I definitely know how my daughter thinks."

She said she was raped by her father eight times in two months. She was just 14 then.

But her mum believes that her daughter is lying.

"I definitely know how my daughter thinks," she says.

Girl Says She Was raped by Her Father

According to The Straits Times, the girl had reported the matter three years ago to her school counsellor, who then informed the police and the Ministry of Social and Family Development.

Apparently, the offences were committed usually on a Friday, when her mother was away for mahjong.

The mother though, remains far from convinced.

She has testified to the High Court that her daughter was a "very rebellious" child, who ran away from home multiple times to go out with male friends she met online. It seems, she would often sign her own report books.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Winston Man opined that regardless of her daughter's relationships with boys, it was "a very big jump" to say that she lied about being raped by her own father.

To which the mum apparently replied, "This is your own personal view but as a mother, I definitely know how my daughter thinks."

The girl is now 17.

Family Says Girl Is Lying

The girl has found little support from the rest of the family. Apparently, her paternal grandmother compared her to a seductress. Her mum even messaged her asking why she framed her father just to get "freedom".

Shockingly though, the father admitted to police in April 2015, to having sex with his daughter once. However, last week, the statement was ruled to be irrelevant, as there was insufficient proof that the statement was given voluntarily. 

The trial has now come to an end. The verdict is awaited. May justice be served.


Source: The Straits Times

Republished with permission from: theAsianParent Singapore

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